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SBM is setting new standards in recycling concrete

SBM Mineral Processing GmbH will present pioneering technologies for the recycling of construction debris at bauma 2019.


The current construction boom cannot be separated from the demand for resource-efficient sustainability. At the same time, the requirements for quality and cost effectiveness are constantly increasing. Both private and public clients request the provision of premium-quality construction materials. Only a company that can offer highly-sophisticated plants will be competitive in future markets. SBM has recognized the signs of the times and will present its latest technology at bauma 2019 in Munich.

Staying ahead of the demands

Currently, Switzerland ranks among the countries with the most demanding specifications. Using 70 % recycling material is the defined objective for public contracts there. Already in 2018, SBM supplied a turn-key plant that even surpasses this challenging aim in practical operation to a client in neighbouring Liechtenstein. The company Wilhelm Büchel AG completely replaces 120,000 tons of raw gravel formerly annually purchased elsewhere by recycling material gained from excavated soil and mixed demolition material hanks to the SBM recycling plant. The secondary raw gravel thus gained can be completely used to produce high-quality construction concrete. This plant called BUREMA (BUechel-Recycling-MAchine) is therefore a well-known quantum leap concerning future-oriented sustainability and has caused a media sensation. In constructing BUREMA, the SBM engineers managed to create a complex and tailor-made unit ensuring highly-efficient utilisation of production space, energy and process resources. As the precision and efficiency of the washing and separating processes as well as their positioning in the whole process are co-ordinated in such a perfect way, mineral end products with the highest purity grade are produced in a largely completely automated process. All relevant physical and chemical properties of the raw gravel produced by BUREMA correspond to appropriate products made of primary raw materials. The high and reliably consistent quality fully convinced the approval authorities. The grain sizes produced directly at Büchel AG are fully accepted for construction concrete at public tenders.

Smooth integration into proven processes

The level of acceptance of recycling concrete ultimately depends on the final production step – the actual production of concrete. Positioned downstream of BUREMA is a stationary mixing plant type TOWERMIX® 2500 ST D8 480 V that was delivered to Büchel AG in Liechtenstein. This is the centrepiece of production in the company’s concrete factory. Sustainable quality criteria of the plant technology Made in Austria convinced the user of SBM Mineral Processing’s know-how as a full-package supplier that the client can rely on the perfect harmonisation of all process procedures and material flows affected by the necessary restructuring due to the integration of BUREMA. Material feed by belt conveyor assures a conveying capacity of 250 m³ per hour. The aggregate storage of the concrete mixing plant comprises 480 m³ aggregates in 8 chambers and serves as a perfect buffer.

The BHS twin shaft mixer DKXS 2.50 is state-of-the-art to produce the various sorts of ready-mixed concrete that are marketed by Büchel AG. An integrated warm-air and water-heating system ensures year-round operation.

Fit for the future

At bauma, SBM Mineral Processing GmbH will be presenting a broad cross-section of its competences in recycling, mineral processing and concrete mixing technology. In all sectors of crushing and screening, conveying and silo technology, this full-package supplier provides the major segments from a single source. And in the field of ready-mixed and prefab concrete the Austrian company also ranks among the most innovative suppliers. Tailor-made solutions for individual and very specific demands show the cutting-edge potential of SBM’s technology. Based on the EUROMIX® plant SBM offers specialised plants to produce UHPC (Ultra-High-Performance Concrete). Stationary prefab concrete plants to produce UHPC components are also a set component of SBM’s product portfolio. SBM offers even further application possibilities with a plant that can produce liquid soil from recycled filter cake or soil material. Thanks to offering very ambitious solutions for special concretes, SBM fulfils all requirements of an “allrounder“ which makes SBM the market leader in Europe. In all business fields SBM offers its clients a plant system technology that is state-of-the-art and at the same time well-proven and additionally focused on both sustainability and cost-effectiveness in the production of premium-quality products. SBM Managing Director DI Erwin Schneller promises: “The coming bauma 2019 is the perfect stage to globally demonstrate our claim for technological leadership for which we have worked for decades. We will take this opportunity in a spectacular way.“ Visitors are sure to see a powerful and passionate team in manufacturing, after sales and support. 

Source: SBM Mineral Processing GmbH SBM Mineral Processing GmbH