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SCHEUERLE rotor blade adapter on an SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporter) proves itself under the toughest of conditions

The SCHEUERLE rotor blade adapter is a proven and reliable system which has been designed to transport rotor blades under very difficult conditions. Mounted on a quick-release plate, the rotor blade can be positioned at an angle of 70° (something unmatched by any competitor), pivoted as well as rotated around its own axis in order to avoid any obstacles. Longstanding SCHEUERLE customer, Felbermayr, now went one step further and combined the SCHEUERLE rotor blade adapter with a SCHEUERLE SPMT. For the construction of a wind farm on the Curcubata mountain in Romania, the required rotor blades could be transported to the remote assembly site using the extremely manoeuvrable, self-propelled combination.


The new windpower facility features a total of five Vestas V90 wind turbines, and each rotor blade is over forty metres long. This is by no means "top of the line" explained Joachim Kolb, Area Manager Sales at TII Sales, the joint sales and distribution company of SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG. "Today, rotor blades can reach lengths of up to seventy metres and customers worldwide are already successfully transporting these lengths with our vehicles. Here in Curcubata, however, the challenges lie elsewhere altogether".

As the wind farm is only accessible via sixteen kilometres of gravel-covered mountain roads with gradients of up to twenty per cent, it was decided from the onset in favour of medium-sized installations. But even these could only be transported to their final destination using a combination consisting of a self-propelled SCHEUERLE SPMT and rotor blade adapter, a hitherto unique constellation on the market. Assembly work was scheduled to last around three weeks and a base camp in the valley served as an intermediate service station. In addition, bad weather and freezing rain complicated working operations. "Initially, we had some concerns regarding the tight S-bends but we were able to master this challenge through the precise control system of the SCHEUERLE SPMT and the movable counterweight of the rotor blade adapter which ensured perfect stability of the combination - rest assured nothing tips over with us", added Kolb. Especially when approaching the respective technical limits, customers today rely on the experience of the TII Group in the production of vehicles for the transportation of wind turbines. With production sites in Germany and France, the TII Group provides a wide range of innovative transport solutions for the wind power industry, and has reacted swiftly in recent years to the trend towards larger facilities and very remote locations with numerous innovations.

Source: TII - Transporter Industry International GmbH