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Seegrid Launches GT45 Tow Tractor in Europe

Seegrid Corporation, leading manufacturer of flexible, vision-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs), announces its debut of the GT45 Tow Tractor in Europe.  


The advantages of vision-guided automated vehicles, already acknowledged by Seegrid’s U.S. material handling customers, are now expanding beyond the U.S. market and to European customers. Unlike a traditional AGV, Seegrid’s unmanned GT45 Tow Tractor is simple and affordable, and gives the most operational flexibility for the automation of internal material flow in warehouse and manufacturing facilities. 

The vision-guided technology does not use lasers, wire guides, or magnetic tape to navigate, and notably, does not require costly expansion or redesign to integrate the flexible AGV into a facility.  Additionally, the vehicle safely operates with workers and equipment, reducing employee injuries and product and facility damage.  Seegrid’s GT45 Tow Tractor offers fast and effective deployment within hours instead of days, and has the ability to change routes quickly and easily. From parts-to-line to end-of-line product delivery, the vision-guidance of the GT45 Tow Tractor reduces the cost per move, as costs per hour and per order are significantly lower than using an operator-controlled vehicle, making it a cost effective investment.

A U.S. customer of Seegrid from Daimler Trucks, Donnie Dixon, Supervisor of Materials Control, commented, “We were looking at an AGV but didn’t want the wire guides, magnets and lasers that come with it—we needed flexibility to be able to change the routes easily…We love its versatility—we are able to simply change and perform multiple routes for our first and second shifts and do a completely different route for our third shift—just that flexibility alone provided us real value.” 

So advanced, yet, so simple. With Seegrid’s RideThruThenWork™ technology, the GT45 Tow Tractor uniquely builds trained routes in a few simple steps. The operator drives the vehicle around the areas of the intended route and inputs desired behaviors, while a three-dimensional model of the facility is being built.  As soon as the route programming is completed, the vehicle is ready for deployment.

Noting the large European manufacturing base, Seegrid’s Chief Operating Officer, Mitchell Weiss, stated, “Many of Seegrid’s customers are multi-nationals, and often corporate leaders are not based in North America.  As a world-class leader, we need to ship our technology worldwide.”

Seegrid Corporation is a U.S. based company that produces flexible, vision-guided automated guided vehicles, revolutionizing the movement of materials in manufacturing and warehouses. Fast Company named Seegrid as one of the Top 50 World’s Most Innovative Company in 2013 and among the Top 10 World’s Most Innovative Robotics Company in 2013.  See the GT45 in action at Seegrid’s booth at LogiMAT, Hall 8/Booth 471.  The GT45 Tow Tractor can be found online at

Source: euroexpo