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Service and repair contracts

Transparency and protection – keeping costs under control


With LIFETIME SERVICE, PALFINGER offers its customers tailored service packages that help to ensure lasting top performance and reliability for its products. The customised service packages offer clearly defined costs and transparency with regard to the services included. This enables optimum financial planning and protects against unforeseen workshop costs so that customers can focus on their core business.

Customers have to deal with unexpected challenges every day at work, so it is good to know that with PALFINGER, they have a reliable partner on their side. A professional service ensures the full functionality of PALFINGER products. Regular service intervals enable any potential damage to be identified at an early stage. Preventative maintenance avoids costly repairs and maximises the uptime of the machines. In the event of an issue, the PALFINGER service partner will make sure that everything is processed smoothly and quickly.

Customised service packages

Signing a service and repair contract with PALFINGER prepares customers for every eventuality. With the tailored Basic, Complete and Comfort service packages, customers leave nothing to chance. Depending on the scope of services, the packages include the legally prescribed inspection, service, all repairs, wear parts, maintenance and cleaning at PALFINGER service partner workshops.

With a service package from LIFETIME SERVICE, customers receive precisely the services that are important to them. Unexpected workshop costs are a thing of the past. The following list provides some initial insight into the services included in the respective service packages (subject to country-specific differences):

The BASIC package includes statutory inspection as well as service costs. This ensures maximum machine safety and reliability. By arrangement, servicing, smaller repairs and statutory inspection can be performed on the customer's premises. The BASIC package is ideal for companies whose machinery is not continuously subjected to heavy loads.

COMPLETE also includes all troubleshooting, repairs, wear parts and on-site repairs if the machine cannot be transported. This service package is perfect for continuous, daily machine use. All repair and service costs are covered and can be calculated in advance.

COMFORT is the most comprehensive PALFINGER service package. In addition to the services covered by the COMPLETE package, we also service, lubricate and clean your PALFINGER product once a month. The ideal option for companies who want to leave nothing to chance and have their costs completely under control.


With LIFETIME SERVICE, customers have PALFINGER on their side at all times. Experts provide the best possible advice and recommendations regarding service and safety. Lifetime Service means partnership, fast response times and a focus on solutions. A reliable global partner network is available quickly and fulfills the PALFINGER service promise day in, day out.