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SHANTUI Gains a Good Start for 2017 in Latin America!

SHANTUI Gains a Good Start for 2017 in Latin America!
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SHANTUI Gains a Good Start for 2017 in Latin America!

After nearly one year of follow-up negotiation, Shantui (Latin America) Business Dept. officially signed a batch sales contract of excavators with Company B of Latin American region. After two years of market depression, Shantui finally returned aggressively in Latin American market, making a good start for the 2017 sales in Latin American market.

With rich natural resources and relatively steady political and economic environments, this region has a relatively stable demand for construction machinery and is one of the overseas market networks highly valued by Shantui. Since 2015, the falling of the bulk commodity price, especially the sharp price falling of the economic export pillar products, resulted in the shutdown of mines and most local construction machinery counterparts started to reorganize their inventories for the depressed market so that it's impossible for new construction machinery to enter into this market. Facing towards such severe situation, Shantui (Latin America) Business Dept. never gave up and focused on the dynamic market situation more sustainably, proactively sought for opportunities, and actively contacted the end customers of dealers while exploring new networks to fulfill the after-services of products. In the market depression period, Shantui (Latin America) Business Dept. paid more attention to the maintenance of customer relations to lay a solid foundation for the subsequent market exploration.

For this cooperation between Shantui and Company B, the applicable excavator configuration was customized based on the operation condition of the customer's equipment after the multiple negotiations between two parties and the effective communication with domestic R&D department to finally win the order for this product, which created advantages for the subsequent long-term stable cooperation between two parties and for the better improvement of Shantui brand influence in this region.