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Show report on CeMAT Hannover 2011

The world's top, biggest and advanced exhibition CeMAT Hannover was closed on 6th May, 2011.

It's worthy of these great words. Let us see what it brings to ShangLi.

According to the official statistic from CeMAT organization, CeMAT 2011 attracted 1,084 companies from 38 different nations, including 548 - roughly half of all exhibitors- from abroad. "This means that CeMAT 2011 even outperformed the last CeMAT, which took place in May 2008, before the economic crisis.

ShangLi, as one of leading forklift manufacturer in China (Booth No. Hall 25 - B12, 84m2), got strong visitor turnout during the exhibition. Generally, the major countries of origin were Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Brazil. We also met some loyal friends that we've met three years ago. They kept attention on shangli forklift and gave us some feedback of our products. Meanwhile we got kinds of advice about technology and marketing tender at their market. "This is great exhibition that you'll never miss it." Said by one of our customers.

This year CeMAT gave us a concept of interalogistics. A comprehensive display portfolio included hybrid-drive, automated guided transport systems, series-produced industrial trucks with lithium ion batteries, space and energy-saving packaging machines and new cloud computing software. "CeMAT has again demonstrated it is the global innovations fair for the intralogistics sector. Intralogistics is clearly a critical link in the fast-growing global transport chain, which is indispensable to today's rapidly globalizing world. Intralogistics also brings opportunities for considerable savings in time, costs and energy, making it a key factor for successful competition in the international marketplace," Gruchow continued. - From CeMAT official website.

As future, as part of logistics, what should forklifts do? We saw forklift trucks are becoming more intelligent and more cost-effective. Lots of new technology and electric sensor on this machine by world famous company. Standing on this stage, ShangLi is lucky. We prove our products is good quality today, we saw the distance between Chinese manufacture and pioneer global company, we got the opportunity open our concept and eyes and towards future. ShangLi is seeking for firm cooperation with new technology parts suppliers and willing to hear honest advice about our products.

We will continue follow the world step, not only to be one of biggest manufacturer in China, but also the pioneers. CeMAT give us mutual benefit for international trade and innovation technology utilization.

The next CeMAT is scheduled for 19 to 23 May 2014. See you next time.

Source: ShangLi