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Single-phase KITO EQS electric chain hoist for 220 - 240 Volt sockets

The different variations of the KITO EQ electric chain hoist are one of KITO bestsellers. In 2020, the range will be extended with the introduction of the single-phase KITO EQS electric chain hoist. The new KITO EQS is designed for 220 - 240 Volt power supplies while providing all advantages of the high-voltage version - such as its compact design and versatile application possibilities.

The KITO EQS: An efficient hoist for flexible usage


On construction sites, in repair shops, in the wastewater industry or with any type of maintenance work there are heavy lifting tasks that need to be completed with only a 220 - 240 Volt power supply available. The new KITO EQS electric chain hoist is an indispensable tool for all such situations, as it can easily be plugged into a power socket. The robust hoist provides support exactly where it is needed, with a load capacity of 500 kg or 1,000 kg. With this feature, it fulfills the most important requirements for a variable electric chain hoist.

The technical characteristics of the KITO EQS have the highest standards. With a frequency inverter and the "No-load High-speed" function, the EQS achieves a lifting speed that is 1.3 times faster when lifting less than 30% of the full load. This modern technology also ensures a gentle and precise load position. Overload protection is ensured electronically by the frequency converter and mechanically by the built-in friction clutch. The dual lifting speed and the maximum lifting height of 15 meters complete the technical profile and are an absolute advantage for an electric chain hoist of this category.

Robust and reliable at low wear

The KITO EQS electric chain hoist is rated at IP55 protection class due to its sealed die-cast aluminum body. its durability is not only visible on the outside, but also the inside, as the interior design guarantees a long service life. The EQS doesn’t require any sensitive transformers or electromagnetic components such as contactors or relays. According to FEM, it is classified with FEM 3m at 500 kg load capacity and with FEM 2m at 1,000 kg load capacity.

The unique KITO load chain grade T, series DAT (G80) is nickel-plated to reduce hydrogen embrittlement and to secure high corrosion resistance. The breaking strength of the installed load chain is 800 N / mm². Basically, all components of the KITO EQS electric chain hoist are outstandingly robust so there is little wear and low downtime.

Diverse options and specifications

Depending on the customer's requirements, the KITO EQS electric chain hoist can be equipped with a top hook or a plain trolley instead of the standard hanging suspension. At the other end, a self-closing safety load hook from KITO Weissenfels is available as an option, and a radio remote control can also be delivered upon request.

In addition to the KITO EQ electric chain hoist range, the single-phase KITO EQS, trolleys and other options will be available at specialist suppliers as of 2020.

Source: Kito Europe GmbH