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Sinoboom TB58RJ Plus telescopic boom lift reaches Australia

Sinoboom TB58RJ Plus
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Sinoboom TB58RJ Plus

IMAGE SOURCE: Sinoboom Intelligent Equipment

  • Sinoboom's TB58RJ Plus telescopic boom lift, the tallest in its range, is now available in Australia.

  • Launched in 2023, the TB58RJ Plus is popular for its high-reach capabilities, heavy-duty lifting, and enhanced transportability.

  • It offers a maximum working height of 60m, horizontal reach of up to 24.4m, and platform capacities of 300kg (unrestricted) and 454kg (restricted).

  • Features include off-road optimization, anti-skid control, four-wheel drive, and a high safety control system with ISO 13849-compliant Rexroth controllers.

  • The X chassis design enhances transportability and stability, with a compact width of 2.49m when axles are retracted.

  • Sinoboom Australia plans to expand its product line with more super-booms, emphasizing safety and return on investment.

The tallest model in the Sinoboom range of diesel-powered telescopic boom lifts will shortly be available for the first time to customers in Australia.

The TB58RJ Plus was launched in 2023 and has proved popular for projects requiring high-reach equipment, thanks to its heavy-duty lifting capacity, extensive and flexible working range, and enhanced transportability.

It offers a maximum working height of 60m, horizontal reach of 20.01m (restricted) / 24.4m (unrestricted), and a platform capacity of 300kg (unrestricted) / 454kg (restricted). The telescoping jib gives an additional range of motion with 6.07-8.2m extension and 119° of articulation.

Sinoboom TB58RJ Plus telescopic boom lift <br>IMAGE SOURCE: Sinoboom Intelligent Equipment

For enhanced operator comfort and safety, it has an off-road optimized configuration, with anti-skid control technology, four-wheel drive with four steering modes, large-pattern solid tires, 45% gradeability, and a closed loop hydraulic system driving the machine. The control system has a high safety specification, with the use of ISO 13849-compliant Rexroth controllers, IP65-rated control boxes, hydraulic pressure sensors, and load curve auto-matching. The platform control unit is equipped with 3 joysticks providing precise proportional control with enhanced envelope control allowing smooth boom movements across the full envelope.

Transportability has been optimized by use of an X chassis design. The machine with axles retracted is a compact 2.49m, enabling easier transportation. With axles extended the width is 5m, providing excellent stability while still maintaining a working footprint which will not block up the jobsite.

Sinoboom TB58RJ Plus telescopic boom lift<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Sinoboom Intelligent Equipment

Sinoboom Australia General Manager, Mitch Ely, said, “We’re excited to introduce this new model into our Australian product line. Sinoboom Australia plans to introduce a full range of super-booms and the TB58RJ Plus brings to the table a world class machine with the highest levels of safety and excellent return on investment for our customers.”

Source: Sinoboom Intelligent Equipment