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SKF’s Lincoln lubricant supply pump P 502

SKF Lincoln pump P 502 is a simple, small and compact lubricant supply pump with a 1-litre reservoir suitable for grease or oil. It can be used to provide in progressive centralized lubrication systems a maximum of two lubrication points simultaneously or 12 lubrication points progressively with lubricant.

Technical conditions
The P 502 has a 1-litre reservoir suitable for grease or oil and can provide a maximum of 12 lubrication points with lubricant. Disposing of a 12 or 24 VDC power supply and with a low level indication (follower plate) as an option, the P 502 perfectly supplements our product range of Quicklub pumps. 
Electrical connection to the pump can be realized by square plug, bayonet plug, or M12 plug.
Without an integrated control unit for connection to an external control unit or plc (programmable logic controller), or with an integrated control printed circuit board for pause time and lubrication time adjustments, the P 502 can be used in very different fields of application.
One or a maximum of two pump elements help to provide the desired lubricant volumes at a temperature range from -25° C to +70° C. An external pressure reducing valve allows the pump and the downstream system to be driven at a maximum operating pressure of 270 bar.
The P 502 pump supplies greases up to NLGI class 2 or oils of at least 40 N/mm² (cST). The pump belongs to Lincoln’s long-term proven pump product range. With its proven rotary switch technology, and setting pause-time and lubrication-time, it is a safe choice and easy to use.
It is possible to trigger additional lubrication cycles via the P 502’s controller or via an illuminated external pushbutton. 
Application fields
The P 502 is ideal for use in commercial vehicles, in smaller construction machines, stackers, agricultural machines, and other industrial applications.
The optimized design of housing and reservoir make the P 502 a very good solution for splash zones in the food and beverage industry.

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