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Slipform paving with the SP 94i on Interstate 44 in Missouri

The Wirtgen SP 94i can be equipped with a machine-integrated dowel bar inserter.
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The Wirtgen SP 94i can be equipped with a machine-integrated dowel bar inserter.


DBI increases paving quality and process efficiency


Paving on the interstate highway is always a challenge. Tight time frames and confined work areas force contractors to make the most of every square inch of working space. To rehabilitate the lanes, Capital Paving & Construction removed the old concrete and rebuilt the roadway in two sections using an SP 94i.

The first segment had a total width of 19 ft (5.8 m), the second segment had a width of 22 ft (6.7 m). Each consisting of a 12 ft (3.7 m) wide lane and an adjacent shoulder. In total, the highway was renewed over a length of 8 miles (13 kilometers).

Remedy of choice for confined spaces

Access to the construction site on the interstate posed a major challenge for this project. Trucks could only unload the concrete directly in front of the machine, as there was not enough space to feed from the side. Choosing the right equipment for this project therefore was essential. “On this project, we knew we were going to have access issues and that there would be no room for a traditional dowel basket’, said Ryan Porter, Senior Project Manager at Capital Paving & Construction. “Instead of putting the basket out in front of the paver and tipping over the top of it from trucks, the DBI inserts the dowel bars right behind the mould”, says Tyler Kirchhoff, Foreman, Capital Paving & Construction. "That makes it easier on the crew and easier for the tipper trucks to get back." In addition to an increase in efficiency compared to paving with pre-placed reinforcement, a very high paving quality was achieved.

Even in confined spaces, the SP 94i slipform paver enables the highest paving quality.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: WIRTGEN GROUP

High operator-comfort

High productivity can only be achieved with machines that offer operators the simplest, most practical and convenient operation possible. The simpler the control of the machine and the higher the degree of automation of the process, the more time the operator can spend on processing the concrete itself. Even apparently small improvements to the machine can have a major impact on the overall result. "What I really like about this machine is the crows nest. Our old machine didn’t have that, but this new feature lets me see our bar shooter in action and keep an eye on our vibrators. It provides a great overall view of what we’re doing", explains Brian Wood, Machine Operator.

When using a DBI, there is no need to place reinforcement in front of the machine. This means that concrete trucks can be unloaded directly in front of the machine.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: WIRTGEN GROUP

Continuous process

When paving concrete, it is important to avoid any interruptions. To ensure a smooth process, the logistics and the paving team have to be perfectly coordinated. In addition, the machine and all its components must be set up carefully on the construction site. The Wirtgen Group service and support team assisted Capital Paving with this. As Tyler Kirchhoff points out: "The support from Wirtgen has been wonderful.“


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