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Strictly Cranes crosses milestone with more than 60 Raimondi cranes erected in Sydney

“At our two-year anniversary mark, we were already prepared commercially to scale outward,” said Ramey Alkhoshaibi, founder and Commercial Director, Strictly Cranes Pty Ltd (Strictly Cranes). “In just under three years, we have successfully managed to generate a solid, repeat customer base due to our high level of client prioritization.”


Over a period of two years, Strictly Cranes has sold and installed 60 Raimondi models of varying size and lifting capabilities in Sydney alone. “We recently erected a MRT84 to a freestanding height of 52 meters with a 30 meter jib scheduled to be onsite for 18 months. The jobsite, Richgate in Hurtsville southern Sydney, is a 13-level mixed use residential and commercial project developed by ICON Construction,” detailed Alkhoshaibi, adding that the MRT84 at this jib length is able to lift the maximum weight needed for three-tonne coils of post tension strands. “Using this size crane rather than the MRT144 was more cost-effective. This solution was reached by implementing three extra transitional pieces to reach the required height.”

The owner of the newly-erected MRT84, a Strictly Cranes client, was provided with more tower sections and the engineering support required to satisfy the site specifications together with installing, dismantling and commissioning services. “Part of our full-circle offering is to help our customers locate new work for a crane once it’s not in use – we do this to ensure it is producing income rather than sitting idle at the yard. We follow up with our customers, and we do our best to support them whether by sourcing and facilitating new business or by storing a crane once it’s no longer commissioned. Many of our clients are SMEs [small to medium enterprises], and we continue to support our relationships by suggesting further positioning for Strictly Cranes products, helping to generate a stronger and faster ROI [return on investment] for our clients.”

While the company’s primary focus thus far has been on servicing the greater New South Wales region, including Wollongong and surrounding areas, expansion plans are in the works. Building on the demonstrated strong market share in New South Wales, Strictly Cranes is now in the process of expanding into Brisbane, Queensland, to better address the major developments that are currently underway in that area. “Every single crane in our fleet is currently working – Strictly Cranes has a team of technicians ready to assist with installation, dismantling, service, after sales care, and maintenance. Our combined expertise exceeds 20 years in the Australian construction industry, with a specialization in cranes and development, and we understand what our clients require. Our service begins with analysis and assessment of the actual jobsite, and we then suggest the best-fit solution.”

The Australian construction market continues to make business headlines for its seemingly ceaseless activity, with Raimondi’s Melbourne agent Clark Cranes reporting strong numbers as well. A recent article by economist Jason Murphy outlined the small number of cranes on the skylines of major American cities, including New York and Los Angeles, starkly contrasted with the rocketing demand for heavy lifting machinery in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.