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Strong and Stable

PK 30.002 TEC 7
Palfinger Europe
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PK 30.002 TEC 7


A combination of safety, performance, eco-friendliness, convenience, intelligence and design: The PK 30.002 TEC 7 delivers impressive power and outreach during the relocation of a construction company site in Seekirchen, Austria.

When a construction company relocates, it does so by using every trick in the book. The relocation of Dollbau construction in Seekirchen, Austria is an excellent example of how to professionally build a new site while dismantling an old one at the same time. Bond clean, as they say. So it goes without saying that the PK 30.002 TEC 7 is part of the action.

PALFINGER  PK 30.002 TEC 7 <br> Image source: PALFINGER AG


Loads of power for special applications

It easily lifts a small 2.5 ton excavator onto the roof of the old hall or transports insulation material onto the roof of the new office building. This loader crane from the innovative PALFINGER TEC series excels at this application thanks to its functional design and the strength of the P-profile. The drop-shaped, polygonal extension boom system - the P-profile - is an extremely lightweight construction that delivers high strength and stability. The unique P-profile provides high torsional stiffness for the entire extension boom system, including the fly-jib. Further proof that innovation still takes place in steel construction. Thomas Pagnal, an experienced crane operator, particularly appreciates the advantage offered by this feature on his new crane: “The P-profile is awesome, it can handle pretty much anything.”

What’s more, the design of the TEC 7 series reflects the guiding principle “Form follows function”. The hoses are routed inside the crane, so they are perfectly protected against damage and wear.

Palfinger - PK 30.002 TEC 7 <br> Image source: PALFINGER AG

Everything you need

For Manfred Hofbauer, Managing Director of Hofbauer Earthmovers, the decision in favour of the PK 30.002 TEC 7 was a no-brainer. He knows he can rely on this very innovative crane with loads of technical capabilities. Whether we are confronted with complex challenges on inner city sites, lifting jobs that require long outreaches or assembling heavy loads - the new truck in the fleet with the PALFINGER loader crane solves the most complex tasks precisely, safely and efficiently. “Actually, it does everything you need a crane to do,” is how crane operator Thomas Pagnal sums it up.

PALFINGER  PK 30.002 TEC 7 <br> Image source: PALFINGER AG