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Strong presence in East Asia

Goldhofer consolidates its market position in Taiwan


Chi Deh Crane Engineering Co., Ltd. which is headquartered in Hsinchu City (Taiwan) and has service bases in the People's Republic of China, has a proven track record in professional heavy haul and lift work that goes back over decades. At present the wind power industry is growing in this region, too, and demand for logistics services for wind parks and turbines has increased significantly. For rotor blade transport operations, Chi Deh has chosen the Goldhofer FTV 550 blade transport device, and delivery to Taiwan is expected in the next few weeks. Jean-Philippe Martin, Regional Director of Sales at Goldhofer, knows the company and its requirements well: "Over the many years in which Goldhofer and Chi Deh have enjoyed a strong partnership, we have always been able to master the new challenges and grow together."

Mr. Hu, Chairman of Chi Deh, is continuing in a tradition that began almost 40 years ago with his father Peng-Fei Hu, the founder of the company: Chi Deh has been a Goldhofer customer since 2000. The fleet now includes mechanically steered PST/SL self-propelled vehicles, modular THP/SL heavy-duty systems and electronically steered PST/SL-E self-propelled vehicles. Apart from the versatile FTV 550 blade transport device, the latest additions include another 16 axle lines of the electronically steered PST/SL-E and three SPZ-GP flatbed semitrailers with pendular axles. That means the company is now ideally equipped for transporting wind turbine components. With the FTV 550 blade transport device, the latest generation of blades can be delivered to the remotest locations without any problems. 


Source: GOLDHOFER Aktiengesellschaft