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Frank Schottenheim, Director Financial Institutions (source: PS-Team) Go to photo
Frank Schottenheim, Director Financial Institutions (source: PS-Team)

Stronger focus on MaRisk and risk management at banks and leasing companies

Frank Schottenheim, Director Financial Institutions, explains the advantages of PS-Team services for banks and leasing companies.

Briefly summarize why PS-Team's products are valuable for banks/leasing companies.


PS-Team provides banks and leasing companies with a wide range of digital instruments to protect mobile loan collateral. Financial institutions increase the quality of their risk management with applications for digital inventory checks and live video streaming, as well as with the PS DataCollect asset register, which they use to detect multiple and air financing (fraud attempts). The vehicle, machine and system specialists of the European market leader for inventory checks take over floor checks across Europe.

How do you rate the financing industry regarding its “digital fitness”?

Banks and leasing companies have been doing all their business IT-based for decades. In the course of time, highly complex legacy systems have emerged that limit the ability to act and innovate. In risk management, I experience the institutes as very open to digital solutions, which, however, can only be implemented if they work completely stand-alone or can be easily integrated via API or other interfaces.


Would you see a new 2008/09 crisis approaching in 2020/21 - and would this be reflected in a higher fraud frequency?


Although Germany is in the black economically, two thirds of the institutes surveyed by the EY banking and fintech barometer expect the general economic situation to deteriorate within the next twelve months. That would inevitably lead to a higher fraud rate. It is therefore not surprising that, in this very survey, 75 percent attach great importance to the topic of "risk management / new MaRisk", thus consider it the top priority overall.

Compliance is usually a big issue ... Do you think that the financial institutions have become more open towards third-party services? If not, why?

As Europe's largest document (handling) trustee, we know that outsourcing is the method of choice for many financial institutions to meet regulatory requirements. We specialize in organizing processes that are audit-proof, efficient and cost-saving. Cooperations with third-party service providers are, however, doomed to failure if those “trust centers” are not audited according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001.

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