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Sustainability as top priority for daylight systems

Alexander Strunz, Managing Partner of the LAMILUX Group
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Alexander Strunz, Managing Partner of the LAMILUX Group


More light, more air, more climate protection


Daylight and fresh air are decisive for people's well-being and health. As a resource-saving solution, daylight systems ensure optimum illumination and natural ventilation of buildings. For this purpose, the manufacturer of daylight systems LAMILUX is now even launching a new offensive to provide more light, more air and more climate protection in buildings.

The climate offensive "More light, more air, more climate protection" of the family business LAMILUX located in Rehau pursues a mission: to highlight the importance of daylight and fresh air in buildings and to show their inseparable advantages and improvement potential for climate protection.

More light, more air, more climate protection

Especially in times of home office and homeschooling, daylight and fresh air at home are more important than ever. Daylight promotes both health and the ability to concentrate and provides a higher sense of happiness, because it increases the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Fresh air also has a positive effect on people's health and strengthens their immune system.  This is widely known. But it also depends on how sustainably and resource-efficiently the daylight systems used for this purpose are developed, produced and delivered, or how energy-efficiently they actually do their job.

When it comes to the quality of its products, LAMILUX attaches great importance to energy efficiency and compliance with environmental standards – from the development to the use on flat roofs. Whether it is a rooflight, glass roof, or glass skylight, the daylight systems impress with individual design options, good thermal transmittance values, and time-saving installation. That way LAMILUX daylight systems make an important contribution to more light, more air, and more climate protection.

LAMILUX more climate protection <br> Image source: LAMILUX

Environmental awareness for generations

For four generations already, LAMILUX has consciously and willingly taken responsibility for the environment and society. LAMILUX develops, manufactures, installs and maintains products designed for durability. Because long durability is essential for customer confidence and makes a significant contribution to sustainability.

"We consider sustainable thinking and action our social responsibility. That is why we, as the fourth generation of the entrepreneurial family, will carry on down this road" explains Alexander Strunz, Managing Director of the LAMILUX Group. He further emphasizes: "More light, more air, more climate protection has great importance for us – because with this we make a contribution to environmentally conscious, energy-efficient and climate-friendly construction in our customers' projects".