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Sustainable Truck of the Year 2018

Sustainable Truck of the Year 2018: gas engines dominate the final stage

All the finalists

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    Sustainable Truck of the Year 2018 will be delivered on 7th November at Ecomondo Exhibition (Rimini)

  • Tractor finalists: Daf Xf, Scania Next Gen V8, Volvo Fh Lng

  • Distribution finalists: Daf Lf, Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid, Scania P Cng

  • Van finalists: Iveco Daily Natural Power, Ford Custom, Man Tge

Nine trucks are running toward the title of Sustainable Truck of the Year 2018. Three vehicles will compete in each category (Tractor, Distribution, Van).
Promoted by the specialized magazine Vado e Torno in collaboration with Politecnico of Milan (in the person of professor Giulio Ceppi), the award will be delivered on November 7th in Rimini, in the frame of Ecomondo exhibition. All 2017 product news have been examined by the jurors. The award will be delivered on the basis of a concept of sustainability and efficiency intended not only as reduction of polluting emissions but also taking into consideration parameters like safety, comfort, reciclabilty of components.

Finalists TRACTOR category

• Daf Xf. The new Xf generation makes a significant leap in terms of efficiency (according to Daf improved by 7 percent). Power is increased by 20hp on the MX-13 and 10 on the MX-11, while the torque peak (available under 1000 rpm) is now higher by a value between 5 and 20 kgm. The trasmission is the last evolution of Zf automated gearbox, named Traxon. Electronic equipment is enriched as well.

• Scania NextGen V8.The Griffin has upgraded its most known engine, the 8-cylinder V. It is now placed on NextGen range, showcased last year with six cylinders engines and judged champion of sustainability 2017. Performance and efficiency combine with consumptions lowered by 5,5 per cent (on top level model with 730 hp) and till 10 per cent on 520, 580, 650 hp engines.

• Volvo Fh Lng. The Swedish manufacturer debuts in the gas tractors providing to its flagship Lh the most powerful Lng engine now on market: a 13 litres available with 460 or 420 hp. Furthermore, the svedish six cylinders in line adopt a technology without sparkplugs, which pratically keeps them diesel engine instead of turning them into Otto cycle. A choice that, according to Volvo, leads to better efficiency. This kind of engine is combined with the best systems in term of safety, comfort and hi-tech.

Finalists DISTRIBUTION category

• Daf Lf. A substance restyling has taken place even on the lighter Daf range. 3,8 litres Px-4 engine (with 156 or 172 hp) come up beside the 4,5 and 6,7 litres units. Allison automatic transmission is also available. Except for the new entry level, the engines boast a higher torque (up to 12 per cent compared to the previous range) at 100-200 rpm lower.

Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid. The first hybrid on market is born from Mercedes family, although the brand is Fuso. The electric engine takes off just 170 kilos of load and, at the same time, contributes to a cut in fuel consumption of  23 per cent. The Canter Eco Hybrid also adds Start & Stop, lane control, hill holder, and a new dual-clutch automation gearbox Duonic.

• Scania P Cng. Opticruise makes the difference on 2017 Cng version. Scania improves comfort and efficiency combining two power levels delivered by 5-cylinders engine (9,3 l) Otto cycle, 280 and 340 cv, with automated transmission in its best version.

Finalists VAN category

• Iveco Daily Natural Power. Within the new Daily Blue Power range, the methane vehicle with a 3-liter and 136 hp engine stands out. Daily Natural Power is able to deliver the same torque as diesel entry level version. Hi-Matic automatic transmission fluidifies and enhances its operation. Emissions and noise are strongly cut.


• Ford Custom. The new generation sees the debut of intelligent speed limiter on this kind of vehicles. In addition, range structure is confirmed, with its three levels of power (105, 130 and 170 hp, along with, just for 300 Series short wheelbase, Econetic version that delivers 195 hp while cuts emissions and consumption). Elegance and comfort are emphasized.

 Man Tge. It’s the first 3.5 tons made by Volkswagen and signed by Man. Tge rely on an electronic and safety equipment over average, that include Adaptive cruise control (Acc), Lane departure warning system (Ldws), Park assist, Rear traffic alert, Side assist, emergency brake, Front assist, brake lock after collision, City emergency brake. Two litres engine is available in three power levels (102, 140 and 177 hp), with Start & Stop and 6 or 8 speed robotic gearbox.


Source: Vte Public Relations; STY


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