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Swipe, drag, zoom – operating and monitoring of machines made easy

Lenze presents new kind of gesture-controlled operating sys-tem for machine visualisation

Both innovative and user-friendly, the new multitouch-based operating system for the visualisation makes it easy to operate and monitor machines. The system boasts an impressive ergonomic gesture-controlled operating unit, familiar to us from the daily use of smartphones and tablets. It represents a successful combination of the most up-to-date hardware, innovative software and an ergonomic operating concept. Optimal scalability is ensured by a number of different hardware and software variants.

The increasing individualisation of products brings with it the challenge of reconciling set-up cycles with machine productivity. Short set-up times can only be achieved when machines are to operate as easy as possible. Lenze is therefore focusing on simple operating concepts for the machine operator and the visualisation solutions, in form of modern, high-definition, multi-touch-capable hardware and software.

The multi-touch functionalities and gesture-based operating control of the new v800 terminals pave the way for ergonomic operating concepts that display process information much more clearly than before. Navigation is now considerably easier for users than with traditional menu-based systems – so it can be intuitively learned within a short space of time. There is also the option for secure two-hand operation in order to eliminate the risk of operating errors when using one hand

The hardware of the v800 operating terminals is supplied as an external Panel PC in IP65 (v800 protec) as well as an embedded panel (v800). They consist of 4th generation Intel processors, capacitive glass touchscreens, and integrated solid-state discs and are available with screen sizes from 13.3” upwards. The VisiWin7-based visualisation systems are also designed to work with a machine control or a superimposed control level.