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Tadano Introduces New GR-1000XLL-4 Rough Terrain Crane

Tadano brings one of the best operator experiences to North America with the new 100-ton capacity crane


Tadano introduced today the GR-1000XLL-4 rough terrain crane at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020. Tadano's GR cranes are a flagship product that lead the global rough terrain crane market. In North America, many rough terrain cranes are used in confined spaces such as refineries where operating and maintaining cranes can be challenging. The GR-1000XLL-4 is designed with these environments in mind. Tadano’s latest GR rough terrain crane facilitates more efficient workflows and delivers improved performance with an engine that meets the latest emission standards, while providing increased work safety and comfort.

The GR-1000XLL-4 marks a full model upgrade of the rough terrain cranes in the 100 t (US tons) lifting class, previously launched in 2011, to further increase Tadano’s presence in North American markets. Tadano’s GR cranes are valued for their high reliability, quality, and environmental-friendliness; Tadano’s latest GR cranes continue that legacy.

The GR-1000XLL-4 features a longer boom of 167.3 feet (51m) compared to the 154.2 feet (47m) boom length of its predecessor, the GR-1000XL-3.

Smart Counterweight System  

The GR-1000XLL-4 is the first Tadano rough terrain crane to have the "Smart Counterweight" system that enables the counterweight to have two mounting positions. This feature increases the load chart by up to approximately 20% in a 360-degree area. The counterweight is also self-removable, making the 99,800 lbs crane (without counterweight) simple and easy to transport.

Optimally-Designed Cab

With a redesigned cab to provide improved visibility and comfort, the GR-1000XLL-4 offers more efficient control and one of the best operator experiences for cranes of its capacity. The cab design and fittings have been remodeled, greatly improving work efficiency, operability, and visibility. The new large, multi-function color touch panel display is 10.4 inches in size and contains crane work information and operation settings. Additionally, the pressure-sensitive touch panel display allows operation while wearing gloves. The GR-1000XLL-4 also uses the new generation AML-E2 crane control system and Tadano’s proprietary "Smart Chart" is also on-board, allowing the crane’s work performance to be maximized.

The cab instrument panel shape, height, and angle of the glass face have also been modified, improving visibility from the driver's seat. The GR-1000XLL-4 features the new 20-degree cab tilt function, which helps to reduce operator fatigue when operating the crane for long periods of time. The new cab also features USB connectivity, an improved air conditioner, cup holder, twin sunshade, and can be accessed with a three-angle hand pull step ladder.

Tadano View System* Assists Safe Crane Operation and Driving

A winch drum monitoring camera that checks the winding state of the wire rope when the crane is in operation has been equipped as standard. Cameras have also been installed on the right-front and rear of the crane ensuring visibility while driving.

"Clearance Sonar" has also been installed, which detects obstacles right behind the crane. A buzzer and a flashing icon on the display notify the operator if an obstacle is detected.

*The Tadano View System is a system that assists safe operation and traveling by using various functions.

High Performance Engine

The new GR-1000XLL-4 has a six-speed transmission powered by a dual compliant Cummins EU Stage V / Tier IV B 6.7 with 280 hp (209kw).

Environmentally Friendly

The newly developed pump disconnect function automatically stops operation of the crane's hydraulic pump if the crane is not operated for a certain period of time. This function contributes to a reduction in fuel consumption.

The crane is also equipped with functions such as the Fuel Monitoring System, Eco-Mode, and Positive Control that support environmentally-friendly operations by reducing CO2 emissions, improving fuel consumption, and reducing noise.

Equipped with the Telematics Web Information Service - HELLO-NET

This function ascertains the crane's operation status using mobile communications, and supports the checking of positional information via GPS and maintenance information on a website. Tadano shares information about the product in use and offers advanced customer support and service.

Smartphone App HELLO-DATA LINK

HELLO-DATA LINK connects cranes to mobile devices by wireless LAN, allowing you to receive operating status, indications, error codes, and other information in real-time from outside the cab to help streamline crane maintenance.

Source: Tadano