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Tailored and connected – key for stable profitability

  • Scania Ecolution supports customers in reaching their full potential

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    Application-based driver training: more uptime, less cost

  • Services like Scania Fleet Care, Scania Fleet Management and Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans enhance profitability

  • Scania Site Optimisation – smarter ways for increased productivity, safety and profitability

It is a fact that trucks in the construction industry typically dep­en­d on swift and precise repair and maintenance services. Regardless of application, most construction vehicles and virtually all mining trucks are facing tough challenges on a daily basis, such as inferior roads, narrow passages and heavy loads. All this put extra focus on tailoring the right offer, for products and for services.

Scania Ecolution can be described as an umbrella for a number of services focusing on efficiency and sustainability. When first introduced, it con­cerned mainly new Scania trucks. But over time, the service has grown to also in­clude optimisation of complete fleets, analysis of driver behaviour plus training and coaching; regardless if the trucks are new or already operative. The aim for Scania Ecolution is to save as much fuel and CO2 emissions as possible for the customer.

“Even the best of tools can fail in the hands of the untrained,” says Jenny Engvall, acting Product Director, Construction, Scania Trucks. “By training and coaching the drivers and keeping the trucks connected to Scania, customers will get the most out of their investments. Under Scania Ecolution, we offer a palette of services that all work in the same direction, making our customers more efficient and profitable.”

Slim margins and tight schedules also put extra pressure on hauliers in the construc­tion segment, which means that factors such as uptime and the total operating eco­nomy become decisive for their profitability. Drivers trained by Scania, in combination with connected vehicles, will drastically help improve their odds for profitability.

Driver evaluation, training and coaching have proved to be something of a shortcut

to improved uptime and better total operating economy. Untrained, stressed or ignorant drivers can over time ruin the performance of a haulier, despite the best of prerequisites being at hand. By adding specialised modules for different applications, Scania is now able to tailor driver training packages. And moni­toring each driver’s progress and performance has never been easier than today, with simple tools available in Scania’s Control package or Fleet Management system.

“The fact that virtually all Scania trucks are connected today makes a huge difference for our customers,” says Engvall. “Not only can we learn and improve our solutions with data gathered in real-life operations, we can also offer smart services such as Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans and Scania Fleet Care. The outcome for the customer is increased uptime, the right level of maintenance and predictable costs.”

Scania Site Optimisation


Rough and ever-changing terrains, remote locations, and complex workflow are just a few of the things that make operating in mining sites a challenge for customers and suppliers alike. “When it comes to operating efficient mining transport, we have to zoom out to see the big picture of where we fit into the overall operation of the customer,” says Björn Winblad, Head of Scania Mining. “The ultimate goal of Scania Site Optimisation is to help customers improve their business.” The core of Scania Site Optimisation is to implement tools and methods to increase efficiency in real mining situations, based on the lean production experience from Scania’s own factory. Identifying and closing efficiency gaps within the key areas of Time, Load, Road, Safety and Sustainability will help customers increase revenue, manage risks, and reduce cost. Scania Site Optimisation utilises existing Scania products and services, especially connected services. By analysing data collected from different sources such as vehicles and various processes within the mine, we can provide customers with valuable information that will allow them to make fact-based decisions and viable implementations.

“The best thing is that Scania Site Optimisation is all about a collaborative partner­ship with the customer,” says Winblad. “We work closely together with the customer towards continuous improvements and implementation to ensure optimal productivity and operating costs.”

Source: Scania Trucks