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TCamel One: Pallet truck scale with new weighing system

Due to the commitment with the permanent development, GRAM recently launched a new product, pallet truck scale TCamel One. This new model satisfies the need of the clients to have an easy-to-handle mobile solution at an affordable price. The innovative technology of TCamel One consists in sensors situated close to the indicator that measure the bending of the metal structure showing on the display the corresponding weight. By removing the sensor out of the forks, performed in hard epoxy painted steel, these become almost indestructible, avoiding any risk of damaging the weighing system. This advantage, together with its compact design and low weight makes the scale very useful for quick checking of the loading weight and easy control of logistics data. The scale also includes the optimal level indicator.


Nothing lasts forever, though TCamel One is very close to do it.

GRAM PRECISION is a leader in the weighing industry in Spain and one of the most dynamic companies on the international market. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Barcelona, the company designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of scales, platforms and accessories. GRAM offers the highest quality, a modern design and a fast delivery, all this at very competitive prices. The company mission is to revolutionise the weighing sector using the latest technologies in order to deliver the best solutions to the customers.

In 2012 GRAM succeeded the inauguration of its own factory in Suzhou (China), maintaining the European quality and reducing the costs enabling to transfer these benefits to the clients. All the models are designed by the R&D department in Barcelona headquarters according to the needs of the worldwide network of clients, and the whole manufacturing process is controlled by GRAM engineers.

GRAM aims at selling its products to a wide variety of worldwide clients, ranged from small distributors to large companies. Actually the company is involved in an expansion process, gaining every year new customers in different countries that trust in the quality of Gram products. Already established in over 40 countries, the group is looking forward to continue developing its influence on the international market.

Gram offers to the clients:

- Innovative own-designed products, manufactured under European top-quality standards

- Flexible solutions to anticipate the clients’ needs with the products adapted to the specific requirements of each market

- The highest-quality products at the most competitive prices

- Fast deliveries

- Committed professional multilingual team maintaining close relationship with the customers

- Efficient technical support

The bestsellers MISSIL and K3 plattforms, XBengal floor scales, TCamel pallet truck scales, XFOC bench scales and others help thousands of clients in their daily tasks.