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Terex Utilities Demos Commander Digger Derrick with Productivity-Enhancing Options

Terex Utilities America
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IMAGE SOURCE: Terex Utilities

Commander digger derricks from Terex Utilities boast strong work zone capacities for distribution and transmission applications at low boom angles. The 4000, 5000, and 6000 Series include a total of 11 models, each built to dig holes and set poles without requiring the operator to reposition the truck. Crews can also load pole trailers without having to unhook the trailer and move it.


The high strength box boom design featured on Commander digger derricks provides strength and rigidity in a lightweight package. A large nut retention system for the main hinge pin locks the boom and side plates together, which additionally contributes to excellent rigidity. The pedestal has a large diameter rotation bearing and rigid upper and lower mounting plates. Dual hydraulic lift cylinders with trapezoidal design further stabilizes the boom while digging and rotating, which provides superior out-of-the-hole lifting.

“Today’s Commander digger derricks have more features than ever before while maintaining the uptime, reliability and leading work zone capacity,” said Joe Caywood, Director of Marketing and Product Management.

Introducing the new FlexPro

The standard full pressure hydraulic control system offered on Commander digger derricks is known for its feel-and-feather operation and reliability. “We are excited to now offer our new FLEX PRO control as an option,” said Caywood.

FLEX PRO is a smart system and uses a controller area network (CAN) that has the flexibility to be configured to communicate with the control stations according to the utility line crew’s needs. It supports below rotation controls like a corner mount swing away operator console, plug and play radio controls, dual command post joystick controls and other advanced operating features.

With the addition of FLEX PRO controls, operators of Commander digger derricks have features that allow toggling between slow and fast modes for precise function control. 

Diagnostic information is displayed in several locations for easy access to troubleshoot electrical issues, and hydraulic overload or over temp warnings give operators greater insight into operational status.

At the 2023 Utility Expo, September 26-28, Terex Utilities will demonstrate a Commander C4047 with FLEX PRO at Booth E1533. For more information and demo schedule, visit on Terex® Digger Derricks.


Source: Terex Utilities