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Terri’s first wheeled forwarder made its debut at Elmia Wood. Photo: Elmia AB Go to photo
Terri’s first wheeled forwarder made its debut at Elmia Wood. Photo: Elmia AB

Terri for the first time on wheels

Since Terri launched its first tracked tractor unit in 1972, tracks have been a defining hallmark of the company’s machines. At Elmia Wood the Terri 34c with wheels made its debut.


“Terri is the nimble forwarder for wet ground with poor bearing capacity,” says Hans Johansson, head of sales at Terri. “It gets ahead without leaving ruts in the ground. We’ve noticed a demand for a Terri forwarder when conditions are a little better, on firmer ground. But still with the same nimbleness and accessibility that we’ve developed over 45 years. Here it is.”

The Terri 34c is an eight-wheeled forwarder, 2.05 metres wide, 6.7 metres long and with a weight of 5.5 tonnes.

“Eight wheels give comfortable operation and contribute to low ground pressure. The machine has a ground clearance of 0.7 metres and the bogie on the tractor unit has been moved forward by 20 cm for optimal weight distribution.”

Who would buy this model of forwarder?

“It meets a need among contractors who are complementing their fleet of larger forwarders with this somewhat smaller one. It can be paired with a slightly smaller harvester in smaller stands. It can function both as a stand-operating and strip road-operating machine.”

Source: Elmia AB


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