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Tesmec will be at bauma 2019 with a portfolio of integrated solutions and digital systems

  • In the large exhibition spaces of the Munich Trade Fair, from 8 to 14 April, the Group presents a package of technologies aimed at digitization, efficiency and sustainability, the key factors in its growth strategy;

  • Great development opportunities for innovative "Clean & Fast" working methods thanks to 5G and FTTx technologies.

Integrated solutions, smart systems and innovative equipment: at Bauma 2019, the most important trade fair in the world in the construction and excavation machinery sectors, which takes place from 9 to 14 April at the Munich Trade Fair, Tesmec Group, leader in the market of infrastructures for the transport and distribution of electrical power, data and materials, will introduce the latest developments that will make the construction, maintenance and management of infrastructures faster, safer and more efficient.


The theme of the event for Tesmec Group is the "Clean & Fast" methodologies, which are the key solutions for the 5G and FTTx technologies. Tesmec's participation in Bauma 2019 is in the name of digitization, efficiency and sustainability, which are key factors in its growth strategy. Several innovations exhibited: from the latest generation surface minerals to the range of integrated solutions for the automated laying of fiber and energy cables, from the new stringing systems 4.0 to the revolutionary machine for underground power lines. The Group's equipment is also equipped with the most advanced digital and diagnostic technologies to maximize efficiency and optimize data management.

Thanks to a complete portfolio, Tesmec Group’s solutions represent, therefore, a concrete and reliable answer for infrastructural projects all over the world that have the target to improve the transport and distribution of energy, data and materials. Diagnostic systems are the key technologies of the interconnected solutions of the Tesmec Group, ensuring high levels of safety and maximizing performance during the entire execution of the project. Furthermore, the advanced equipment developed by the Group is focused on improving performance, respecting the environment: Tesmec is committed to reducing emissions, increasing energy efficiency, as well as renewable energy sources.

The Bauma is the largest trade fair in the world, in terms of exhibition spaces (614,000 square meters), in the sectors of construction sites, mining and processing of raw materials, production of building materials and supply of components and services. The event takes place every three years at the Munich Fair and can count on more than 3,500 exhibitors from 58 different countries, and almost 600,000 visitors, as well as the presence of around 1,500 journalists and media from 47 different countries. Therefore, Bauma represents a unique opportunity to "test" the know-how of the Tesmec Group in designing customized solutions and its ability to define the best working methodology, recognized by the most important international contractors, thanks to the excellent experiences all over the world.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ambrogio Caccia Dominioni commented as follows: "BAUMA is one of the most important events for our Group, it allows us to be in direct contact with customers, journalists and operators from all over the world, and showing our best technological solutions. This initiative is in perfect continuity with our development path focused on digital technologies. For 2019 we expect a relevant growth in high-tech sectors, those ones with higher added value. Diagnostics, digitalization and the Internet of Things will be the main keys to growth. The Group will also focus on new strategic sectors such as 5G. "

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