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The autonomous trailer testing unit from Herth+Buss

Cordless, independent of external power sources and able to be operated by just one person


Everyone has surely experienced this in the workshop at some point: quickly check the function of the trailer lights, job done and head home... if only a colleague was still here. Herth+Buss created a permanent and cost-effective solution, as the trailer testing unit enables a mechatronics technician to test the function of the towbar socket on the vehicle as well as the lighting function of the trailer independently of each other – and entirely on his/her own. The testing unit replaces and simulates the towing vehicle or the trailer as desired. The user can have the lighting signals of the vehicle displayed on the remote control or use the remote control to activate all lights on the trailer.

Version 1:

The one-man operation occurs via radio, i.e. wirelessly. The workshop employee sits in the car, switches through the lights and sees on the bright, easy-to-read LED display whether voltage is applied to the towbar socket and whether the optical warning signals work.

Version 2:

Not even a towing vehicle is required for this. The testing unit is mounted on the trailer plug. Due to the fact that the employee is not reliant on a power source thanks to the internal AGM battery, all light functions such as taillights, rear lights, rear fog lights and so on can also be tested outside of the workshop. The mechanic controls the respective functions with the remote control and thus checks whether the trailer’s lighting system works.

This is how easy and time-saving lighting tests can be in autonomous operation. The advantages at a glance:

  • One-man operation via remote control, thus saving a huge amount of time

  • Also suitable for vehicles with bulb-failure monitoring

  • The vehicle and trailer can be tested independently of one another

  • With automatic test cycle

If someone should happen to forget about it overnight, the testing unit switches off automatically after five minutes of idling. The sturdy control case contains a high-quality AGM battery and can be used for 12-volt applications with a 7- or 13-pin plug.

Source: Herth+Buss Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG