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The best way to build

For several years, Moldtech has introduced to the market a new generation of 3D hydraulic moulds which are used for the construction of prison cells and residential buildings.


Prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction “PPVC”, is a construction method by which independent three-dimensional modules are fabricated, completed with internal finishes, installations, and accessories in an industrial factory, and are transported and installed on the final site, where they are structurally connected to each other and to the general installations piping lines.

There are many reasons why this modular architecture system is booming, some of the most important are:

Improved Productivity: PPVC can improve productivity by up to 40% in terms of manpower and time savings, depending on the complexity of the projects.

Better Construction Environment: As the bulk of the installation activities and manpower are moved off-site, it minimises dust and noise pollution and improves site safety.

Improved Quality Control: Off-site fabrication in a controlled factory environment can produce higher quality end products.

Moldtech reaffirms itself as the undisputed world technological leader in prefabricated modular construction PPVC, and takes a new step in the construction industrialization development.

Source: Anmopyc; Moldtech