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The Kögel FastFix textile lattice

The Kögel FastFix Textile Lattice – the Lightweight, Safe Alternative

  • An alternative 495 grams lighter than wood, aluminium or steel lattices

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    Easy to insert and remove from the stakes

  • Minimises the risk of personal injury and load damage

Extremely high level of individualisation with Kögel NOVUM generation trailers, including a host of new individual features designed to make everyday life easier for drivers. The new Kögel FastFix textile lattice is among them. At just 495 grammes and with its proven toggle fastener, the Kögel FastFix is a lightweight, user-friendly and rapid replacement for wood, aluminium or steel lattices. A critical additional benefit is that it completely eliminates the risk of personal injury and load damage caused by falling lattices.

Kögel has set itself the task of significantly increasing driver safety and protection, and the Kögel FastFix lattice more than meets that requirement. For certain loading situations – such as beverages and small-sized carriers – both VDI 2700 and Daimler Directive 9.5 stipulate the use of a restraint system to secure the load on the pallet. In current practice these restraint systems mostly consist of wood, aluminium or steel lattices. But these are difficult to handle, heavy to stow and carry a significant safety risk as they are apt to fall. Thanks to the new Kögel FastFix textile lattice, this is a thing of the past. In officially approved tests overseen by experts, the Kögel FastFix textile lattice proved not just equal to conventional equivalents, but even better.

Quick and easy handling

The Kögel FastFix textile lattice is made of flexible belt material, which means it fits into any toolbox. It attaches to and detaches from the middle or corner posts for quick, easy, safe load-securing. Special bolted holders are attached to the stakes for this, and can be attached at other heights if necessary. If attaching the lattice between two stakes, simply tension it with the toggle fastener to obtain the required degree of restraint.

Source: Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co.KG