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The Kramer wheel loaders of the 5-series: Expansion of the model range and retro-fitting to exhaust emission level V

Kramer-Werke Europe
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Kramer-Werke GmbH is offering the advanced, powerful compact 5-series of the wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders starting in late summer 2019. This series is characterised by the latest technical equipment as well as powerful engines with exhaust emission level V. The new product offer is rounded off by safety, comfort and a variety of options as well as an attractive selection of attachments, which allow for application year-round.


The Kramer brand stands for all wheel steer loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telehandlers with extreme manoeuvrability, all-terrain mobility and high efficiency. “Our company convinces with innovative customer-oriented product developments, which are also reflected in the advanced 5-series of wheel loaders that has been retrofitted to exhaust emission level V”, reports Christian Stryffeler, managing director of Kramer-Werke GmbH. "This advancement focused above all on the implementation of customer wishes. In addition, our goal is to offer sustainable machines with exhaust emission level V as well as a broad product portfolio that meets customer needs for professional agricultural application”, adds Christian Stryffeler.

New 5-series wheel loader models

The 5-series impresses with three new machines: KL18.5, KL25.5 and KL36.5. Kramer is comprehensively expanding the offering in the compact wheel loader range up to 3,600 kg tipping load.

The KL18.5 impresses with the time-tested and proven, undivided vehicle chassis with maximum stability, market introduction team, constant payload and with a very low dead weight of up to 2,670 kg. The newly developed loader unit also allows for a stack tipping load of up to 1,700 kg.

Building on a time-tested and proven vehicle concept of the KL19.5, the KL25.5 is a powerful wheel loader. This machine completes the compact class of less than 2.39 metres overall height with an increased payload and an optional 41 kW engine (exhaust emission level V). By default, the vehicle is equipped with a 35 kW engine (exhaust emission level V), comfort cabin, differential lock and hydraulic quick coupler system for the varied application in agriculture.

The KL36.5 is also new to the wheel loader portfolio of the 5-series and closes the gap between the existing KL33.5 (formerly KL31.5) and KL38.5 (formerly KL37.5) models.

The KL33.5 replaces the KL31.5. The machine has now also been equipped with a 55 kW Kohler engine and is therefore more powerful. The new engine and the associated higher weight made it possible to achieve a tipping load of 3,300 kg. The time-tested and proven KL37.5 was also revised due to the redesign of the 5-series and can now impress with a tipping load of nearly 3,800 kg.

In addition to the new engine version and the associated performance parameters, the standard equipment and the range of options were also designed for agricultural customer needs. With the KL33.5, KL36.5 and KL38.5 machines, for example, an integrated visual position indicator for the bucket and pallet forks ensures a high level of precision of the angle of inclination of the unit to the ground. The position indicators can be customised, depending on the attachment. The standard outfitting is supplemented by a tilt-adjustable steering column, four work lights, a heated rear window (also with the canopy versions) and a load hook on the tilt rod. The engines of these machines from 55 kW and higher also comply with the current exhaust emission level V. The wheel loader KL33.5 (formerly KL31.5 with 35 kW), KL36.5 (new) and KL38.5 (formerly KL37.5) are equipped by default with a 55 kW engine, a diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) and diesel particle filter (DPF). In addition, all three models have a hydraulic performance of 70 l/min and 240 bar. The standard package of the engine on the three machines is supplemented by the “Smart Driving” system, which results in an automatic reduction of the engine as soon as the maximum speed has been achieved. Additional options, such as a front wheel and crab steering as well as an air-sprung driver’s seat with heated seat, complete the offering.

Working emission-free made easy


In addition, Kramer of course also offers the emission-free wheel loader version KL25.5e in the size class of 0.65 m³ bucket capacity. The performance parameters, off-road capability and operating comfort are equal to the conventional wheel loader model. Thanks to the payload on pallet fork of 1,750 kg, the wheel loader is highly versatile in many applications. In this way, the wheel loader can, for example, easily be used for mucking out, transporting pallets or pushing feed. Due to the zero emissions, but also due to the quietness, the wheel loader is ideal for application in agricultural greenhouses, for example in vegetable production and on holiday farms.

Source: Kramer-Werke GmbH