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The "LT-13 Forklift of the Year" award goes to Vermont-York

LT-13 Forklift by Vermont-York
Vermont-York International
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LT-13 Forklift by Vermont-York

IMAGE SOURCE: Vermont-York

The prestigious brand Vermont-York has been awarded the distinguished "LT-13 Forklift of the Year" prize, as well as breaking new ground with the first entirely green forklift from its manufacturing process.

Vermont-York, a leading brand, won the "LT-13 Forklift of the Year" award and introduced the first all-green forklift, showcasing its innovation and sustainability. Originating in Vermont, USA, it expanded to 50+ countries, driven by these principles. Recent expansion in Mexico and the US underscores its global journey.

The LT-13 forklift is a green machine, thus sustainable solution<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Vermont-York

The LT-13 forklift features advanced electric propulsion technology, eliminating carbon emissions, enhancing efficiency, and safety. Vermont-York's Carbon Zero status reflects its dedication to sustainable practices, evident in energy-efficient manufacturing. These efforts position Vermont-York as an industry model, raising environmental standards while excelling in quality and design.

Source: Vermont-York