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The new Haagh Protection Safety pallet gate model “Vario 30”

Because of negligence, hurry and quite often also due to carelessness, removable gates, doors or chains meant to close loading areas between floors are very often left open, causing hazardous situations. Safety gates , also called cantilevered loading platforms, therefore offer the only good safeguard for loading areas between floors.

The safety gate is designed to protect workers who are located close to the loading areas. These gate also prevents goods from falling down and causing injury to bystanders or damaging goods on the lower floor.

This year Haagh Protection will Introduce its new “Vario 30”. This safety pallet gate can be used when there are limitations to the available depth on the platform. The main advantage with this pallet gate is that when the front gate is in the closed position the floor area around the gate is clear, allowing for the pallet to be removed in three directions.

The new “Vario 30” is specially designed for use in small spaces. Most important however is that the new offers three way off-loading on the mezzanine floor. This is particularly important when narrow gang-ways are a problem and the pallet can only be retrieved from either side.

The “Vario 30” Safety pallet gates are suitable for pallet depths up-to 1400mm, pallet widths up-to 2600mm, and pallet heights up-to 2050mm.

For more information please visit our website or visit us at booth 5B17 during the Logimat 2016 in Stuttgart.