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The new Kögel lightweight container chassis – the Port 45 Triplex

  • A flexible container chassis with front, centre and rear extensions

  • Higher payload thanks to intelligent lightweight engineering

Kögel is extending its diverse container chassis portfolio with a newly developed lightweight semi-trailer container chassis that boasts a central extension. The new Kögel Port 45 Triplex will make its début at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018. Weighing in at just 4,480 kg in its basic form, with a technical gross tare weight of 41,000 kg and a fifth-wheel load of 14,000 kg, the chassis is ideal for transporting 20, 30, 40 and 45' ISO containers as well as 40 and 45' Highcube containers.


With a tare weight starting from 4,250 kilogrammes including individual equipment, the new Port 45 Triplex is currently one of the lightest container chassis on the market. This allows payloads of over 36,520 kg, guaranteeing maximum cost effectiveness for intermodal transport. This exceptional advantage is courtesy of a weight-optimised chassis with elliptical lightweight perforations for optimum stress distribution. The tare weight of the basic chassis can be trimmed still further with weight-saving individual equipment such as aluminium wheel rims and an aluminium compressed air reservoir.

The Port 45 Triplex's key strength is its ease and convenience of use. The newly developed six-ball bearing one-piece front extension is not only incredibly easy to handle but also dispenses with elaborate and repair-prone mechanics. The air and light console is housed in a protective recess in the front extension, significantly increasing the free space around the tractor unit connection cables. Depending on the intended use or on the container being transported, the centre extension – along with the tractor unit – can be removed at four different points. For a longer lifespan, the centre extension on the Port 45 Triplex features a low-maintenance guide on special plastic sliders and two extension rollers. The rear extension is designed along the same lines, and can quickly be set to one of seven possible positions using a hand crank.


The standard version of the Port 45 Triplex is suitable for transporting a 20' ISO container flush-fitted to the rear with a retracted frame. With the rear and centre extensions in use, the Triplex can accommodate two 20' ISO containers, a 30' ISO container, a 40' Highcube, or a 45' Highcube with a short tunnel. With all three extensions, a 45' Highcube Eurocorner container is entirely feasible. The IAA showpiece also demonstrates how to accommodate a 40' or 45' ISO container or a 13.6 m swap body on the rear extension, or a heavy-duty 20' ISO container on the centre extension.

Cathodic dip-paint coating: lasting protection from corrosion

As with all Kögel Port container chassis, the entire vehicle frame of the Port 45 Triplex is given long-lasting protection against corrosion by nano ceramic technology and cathodic dip-paint coating, supplemented with UV lacquering.

Source: Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co.KG