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Section control – precise seed placement
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Section control – precise seed placement

CLEVER FARMING with Pöttinger


The widespread of digitalisation in agricultur means that it is increasingly important to link the individual systems as a network and to create standards for different manufacturers. Pöttinger offers numerous possibilities in the field of “Digital Farming” to make work easier and more efficient. Data exchange between the individual machines is made possible thanks to Pöttinger’s cooperation with reliable service providers and brings advantages for farmers.

Intelligent operation

ISOBUS refers to the stardardised communication system between tractor and implement using standardised hardware and software that is not limited to a single manufacturer. The ISOBUS terminals EXPERT 75 and CCI 1200 enable professional operation of all ISOBUS compatible machines. Both terminals are AEF certified. Further information in press release on the USB stick.

Precision Farming – Soil and Seed

Pöttinger offers a comprehensive range of intelligent solutions for tillage and drilling that make work easier and more efficient:

AEROSEM with Section Control

Working with a virtual headland/boundary line the system switches off one meter sections in sequence upon command. For example; a three meter machine (24 rows) would comprise of three sections, the initial command will close the first 8 rows as the drill passes over the virtual line, followed by the subsequent 8 rows and so on until the drill has crossed the boundary.

This functionality is made possible thanks to the unique IDS (Intelligent Distribution System) distributor head. Additionally, the seed rate is adjusted according to the remaining active working width.


With DUPLEX SEED, silage and corn maize is planted in double rows. In addition to increasing yield, it also increases output during drilling thanks to the higher driving speed. As a result, DUPLEX SEED is a real economical alternative to conventional precision seed drilling. The maize can be planted flexibly with a companion crop or with direct fertilisation. The double row is also suitable for corn maize harvesting.

Figure: example 90,000 seeds / hectare

SEED COMPLETE for optimised agriculture

SEED COMPLETE is a package of intelligent smart farming solutions including a communication unit offered for Pöttinger seed drills VITASEM, AEROSEM and TERRASEM. With SEED COMPLETE the seed rate can be optimized to match site- specific soil conditions using application maps created in advance on the PC. The seed metering system switches on and off automatically at the headland. Each job is documented automatically.

Camera supported seedbed preparation

Pöttinger’s camera assisted seedbed preparation focuses precisely on this issue to enable consistent and optimised seedbed preparation and seed placement regardless soil condition changes in the field. The system measures the soil surface roughness using live images from a stereo camera mounted between the power harrow and the seed drill. The PTO speed and driving speed of the tractor (only in connection with a Class III CNH tractor) are regulated as a function of the roughness values recorded. In doing so, the unit automatically controls the tractor to adapt to changing soil conditions.

Precision Farming – Grassland and Harvesting

The automatic side-shift system as feature for the NOVACAT A10 mower combination enables to use the maximum possible working width. The hydraulic cylinders integrated into the booms can shift the cutter bars on each side by up to 400 mm. If the tractor is equipped with a steering angle sensor, then the steering signal when cornering can be sent to the machine via ISOBUS. The mower responds by automatically adjusting the mowing width. When driving straight ahead, the mower units are automatically shifted out again to the maximum possible working width.

With the NOVACAT A10 mower combination you benefit from automatic ground pressure control to ensure the optimum float of the mower at all times and thus lay the foundation for quality forage. With the aid of the intelligent trailed axle, it is possible for the loader wagon models FARO, EUROPROFI, TORRO and JUMBO to automatically lock the self-steering axle when critical values are reached in any operating conditions. This is particularly important on slopes to ensure that the loader wagon remains safe and stable.

The loading torque sensor is a further electronic feature for forage conservation. On all EURPROFI, TORRO and JUMBO loader wagons, a loading torque sensor on the gearbox in combination with a sensor in the front panel ensures a smooth loading process adapted to the respective harvest conditions. The loading torque sensor measures the force acting on the rotor. If this reaches the limit value set in the tractor cab, the scraper floor is activated automatically so that there is less resistance for the rotor and the forage is protected.

Data management


Thanks to ISOBUS, site-specific data can be easily exchanged between the implement and the terminal. Smart features allow data generated during field work to be easily moved to FMIS (farm management and information systems) and therefore, used for documentation purposes. Manufacturer independent standards have greatly simplified data transfer.

Data transfer: Pöttinger is member of agrirouter

Agrirouter is a web-based data exchange platform enabling manufacturer- independent wireless data exchange between machines and agricultural software. It reduces the number of communication interfaces to a minimum. An account can be used to send data for example jobs from the field indexing software directly to the CCI 1200 terminal in the tractor. This can also be carried out in the reverse direction by sending machine related data directly to the farm PC.

Source: PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH