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ULTRA Plus, ANTI-Spill Valve

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New products, new sectors, new team!
This is the first of a new series of short news and information pieces related to fuel theft, truck security and safety.

With very much a new team of excellence, FDG is roaring back with news of our ULTRAPlus, the world’s best premium anti-siphon (ASD). Available from OEM dealership outlets, ULTRAPlus defines new standards in preventing fuel theft from tanks for trucks, buses, vans, plant, machinery, generators, boats and tractors.

ULTRAPlus supersedes the best-selling NeckIt! but is priced at the same level as old.

ULTRAPlus uses a unique proprietary double gauze arrangement to enable super-high fuel flow of 150 ltrs/min without splashback. It is extremely robust, being well beyond accepted force for breakage. Most importantly, no pipe can access the fuel in the tank.

ULTRAPlus accepts the drop-in, easy-fit, StopSpills fuel anti-spill valve which operates to OEM/regulatory standards to prevent fuel loss in the event of tank overturn, or a fuel cap not being replaced on a full tank.

ULTRAPlus has been sold into over 100 countries to date.

Source: FuelDefend Global Ltd.


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