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The world at Agritechnica - Record 20 national pavilions evident of unsurpassed global reach at world’s largest ag-machinery fair

As a sign of Agritechnica’s growing international clout, four new national/regional pavilions will debut this year from India, Sweden, Piemont (Italy) and Iowa (USA), bringing the total number of international pavilions to 20. This is an all-time record at Agritechnica.


“Country pavilions continue to grow in popularity, reflecting the attraction of Agritechnica as the world’s largest ag machinery show and perfect platform for international sales. Today, we are seeing more than half the number of exhibitors coming from outside Germany,” says Ulrike Schmidt-Machinek, manager of international exhibitions relations. Currently 56 percent of the 2,800 are from outside Germany.

Export incentive programmes have spurred the increased take up of national pavilions at Agritechnica, as commercial bodies around the world recognize the importance of their local ag machinery sector and the necessity to export.

A list of this year’s pavilions:


Where to find


Hall 13 D57


Hall 9 B16

Canada Manitoba

Halls 6 E08, 9 A10

Canada Saskatchewan

Hall 12 B12


Hall 15 B11


Hall 13 D64


24 exhibitors in various halls

Germany, Federal State of Saxony

Hall 27 F56

India (New)

Hall 17 B14

Italy, Province of Piedmont (New)

Hall 16 C05


Hall 21 H01/ 02

North Dakota

Hall 5 E22


Hall 16 F20


Hall 9 A40


Hall 9 A30/31


Hall 8 B18


21 exhibitors in various halls

Sweden (New)

Hall 3 E18


Hall 5 A36

USA, Iowa (New)

Hall 6 B51/52

Exhibiting at a national pavilion makes economic sense. This gives SMEs especially the advantage of tapping into export promotion programmes and pooling their resources to jointly participate and market themselves at a trade event on the scale of Agritechnica. Participating under a national pavilion also lends the element of national branding to their products and services, say companies.

“We know from previous shows that many enjoy visiting these pavilions. They represent not only a country’s or region’s unity but also provides its national flavour. This is also what Agritechnica is all about with its unique presentation of all the world’s agri-solutions,” says Schmidt-Machinek. “Such positive exposure is beneficial to all – the exhibitors, the countries they represent, and interested parties who visit these pavilions.”

Four new pavilions

Making their debut this year are new country pavilions from India, Italy (Piedmont), Sweden and Iowa state from the USA.

Participation from Italy’s Piedmont region is driven by the province of Piedmont. Traditional suppliers of the strong automotive industry around Torino, discover more and more the attractive ag machinery sector.

India will have components, tools and spare parts in its focus, presented in the centre of “SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS”, the special trade fair for systems, modules, components and accessories for agricultural machinery and related industries in halls 15-17. The pavilion is organized by EEPC, the largest trade promotion organization in India, set up and sponsored by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

The Swedish pavilion named Sweden Innovation Power is a mobilization of several Swedish organizations, all contributing to innovations in the green sector in different ways. The idea is to present a suggested perspective on the concept of innovations.

“As we see it, innovation is about something new that is gaining ground in the market. An invention or other fundamental new idea that has been developed is no innovation until it is adopted by the market. According to this perspective, trade publications and trade shows, for example, are of strategic importance for the realization of innovations,” says Per Frankelius, PhD, Associate Professor at Linköping University in Sweden.

Solutions for (commercial) large-scale farming

The pavilions of Argentina, Brazil and Canada attract visitors because of the size of the machines, designed for extensive large-scale farming. These exhibitors are mainly looking for visitors from Ukraine to Kazakhstan with similar farming conditions.

Canada is again represented with three pavilions displaying technology and solutions from Manitoba and Saskatchewan with a focus on grain handling and storage as well as on seeding equipment.

Since 2007 these Canadian pavilions have been organized by STEP (Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership) and Manitoba Trade and Investment. The area dedicated to these pavilions have tripled since then and the number of exhibitors more than doubled. This underlines Agritechnica as the international meeting place for international business. 108,000 international visitor from 88 countries in 7 days… 

Source: DLG