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TMHE introduces Toyota Tonero Diesel forklift trucks with hydrostatic transmission

Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) brings customers an extra choice: from now on, the Toyota Tonero Diesel forklift trucks are available either with a torque convertor or with a hydrostatic transmission system.


In response to customers’ demands and to cover all driver preferences, TMHE now offers the possibility to choose between the hydrostatic transmission and the torque convertor system. First available in the Toyota Tonero range of 2.0 to 2.5 tonnes diesel counterbalanced trucks, the hydrostatic system - an option for those operators who prefer the driving feel of this type of transmission - will gradually be introduced in the whole Tonero range.

The new Toyota Tonero hydrostatic is a European-engineered truck strengthened by Toyota industrial engine made in Japan and completed by a hydrostatic transmission produced in Germany. It presents the same powerful benefits and long-lasting Toyota quality standards as the entire Tonero range: unmatched stability thanks to the integrated System of Active Stability (SAS) and low centre of gravity, outstanding all-round visibility for increased material handling safety and high reliability granted by the Toyota Production System (TPS) manufacturing.

“Our decision to bring the hydrostatic transmission on the market is based on demands coming from our customers and prospects. We aim to create forklift solutions that can suit every driver and application,” says Craig Walby, Director Product Management at Toyota Material Handling Europe. “We continue to bring continuous improvement (Kaizen) to our product and service offer to raise our customers’ satisfaction.”

The Toyota Tonero hydrostatic will be one of the many new products, solutions and technologies that Toyota Material Handling will be presenting during CeMAT 2014 (19th-23rd May). Come and be surprised in Hanover at Pavilion 32!

Source: Toyota Material Handling