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Top 10 Most Popular Mini Excavators on LECTURA Specs in 2019

Undoubtedly, more and more people prefer to search the machinery specifications online. Our professional audience checked nearly 500,000 mini excavators from 71 manufacturers on LECTURA Specs in the last year.


We have deeply analysed the user's preferences and evaluated the model popularity on our portal, both globally and nationally. The national ranking includes all countries with at least 10,000 checked models.

Mini excavators are being very popular among the construction machinery. It is mainly due to their versatility and compact size, suitable for various types of environment. Mini excavators are usually equipped with crawler tracks and set of attachments. LECTURA classifies mini excavators as being in the range of 0-6 tonnes.

                           The TOP 10 most popular mini excavators in 2019 on LECTURA Specs:

As you can see, the global ranking features 10 models from 5 manufacturers. The most popular mini excavator in 2019 was Kubota KX41-2 V, followed by JCB 8018 CTS. The third place was seized by Kubota KX61-3 GL.

Would you like to see the national rankings for Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries? Please, continue to the full ranking of Top 10 Most Popular Mini Excavators on LECTURA Specs in 2019

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH; Patrik Eder

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