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TotY Awarding Ceremony

Tractor of the year ceremony
TOTY Europe
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Tractor of the year ceremony

The first of the insutuitial guests Miss Malene Conlong, International Press Director of DLG during her speech said: "We are very honoured that the TOTY organizers continue to choose this venue for their award ceremony.


Agritechnica is organized by the DLG, the Germany Agricultural Society. This has a lot in common with the TOTY jury. Both are independent organizations, and their objective is to share technical knowledge across borders. Agritechnica is a typical example of that objective in action.

At Agritechnica, the DLG brings farmers and machinery manufacturers together, and TOTY is in a similar position.

The TOTY jury consists of journalists who, by the very nature of their profession, are independent – and of course this is a profession that is also important to the DLG. Journalists are invited to all major tractor launches, and they are able to explain to their readers, the farmers, all the relevant technical details.

TOTY is close, therefore, to both manufacturers of machinery and farmers choosing the machinery, and is ideally and independently placed to select the winning formulas – with many criteria going into the selections.

TOTY is an international award, with the jury representing many countries, and the entries coming from manufacturers building tractors for sale in markets all over the world.

And the latest award to be decided by the TOTY jury, the Sustainable TOTY, fits closely with this year’s Agritechnica theme, which is Global farming - Local responsibility. This addresses the need for a sustainable future in agriculture, and tractors will play a leading role in this context."

The second of the institutional guests who honored the event by addressing a speech to the audience, has been Mr. Vad Der Ley, President of CEMA, the European Agricultural Machinery association, which said:


"As President of CEMA, the European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association I am very honored to take part in the Tractor of the Year Award Ceremony. CEMA represents about 7,000 companies around Europe, from tractor manufacturers to a long list of companies producing implements as well as livestock equipment. Allow me to say and that might be my professional bias, that in modern agriculture the tractor - implement combination is still the right tool to deliver precision and efficiency on the field.

But today I want to praise the level of innovation and technology our industry carries forward to make of the agricultural sector a front- runner when it turns to digitalization and technological tools leading sustainable agriculture. Our machines are the great example that engineering together with on-field expertise and self-commitment to provide the best adapted solutions to our clients can bring innovation to the next level and keep global leadership.”

Source: TOTY