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Transparency, efficiency and cost reduction - TrailerConnect®telematics in the tipper trailer

Schmitz Cargobull can now offer its new third generation TrailerConnect® telematics system as an option for all tipper trailers. This provides even more choice for the user and, with functions like the brake pad wear indicator or the new tyre pressure monitoring system, our tipper trailers can be optimally configured to meet the demanding requirements of the construction business.


Schmitz Cargobull is introducing the S.KI SMART PLUS tipper trailer with the latest trailer telematics system at the BAUMA trade show. With regard to curtainsider semi-trailers and refrigerated trailers, telematics has already firmly established itself in the market. But telematics is also growing in importance in the transport of bulk goods through the smart networking and diagnostics, end-to-end documentation and the central display and operation. For the operator, it offers multiple advantages that enable everyday transport tasks in the construction business to be made safer, more transparent, more efficient and thus more cost-effective.

The customer can configure their TrailerConnect® telematics system to meet their individual transport requirements. Alongside standard functions such as the provision of EBS operating data, the motion sensor and the Wi-Fi interface, additional and new optional functions are now available:

  • Brake pad wear indicator+: this new function determines the degree of brake wear and also indicates the particular wheel on which the brakes are in a critical condition. Breakdowns can be avoided, and workshop visits can be better planned.

  • Tyre pressure control system: the sensors are now fitted directly on the rim and are therefore less susceptible to failure during operation. They measure the tyre pressure and the temperature in the tyre and transmit this data to a receiver in the telematics control unit.

  • PSI tyre re-pressurisation system: the automatic tyre re-pressurisation system permanently ensures the optimal tyre pressure is maintained and simplifies the driver’s job when checking operational safety.

  • High-precision odometer: an ABS sensor and GPS help to calculate the precise mileage, even when the EBS spiral cable is not inserted.

All functions, and therefore the condition of the vehicle as well, can be continuously monitored via the TrailerConnect® portal and the new beSmart app. In the event of any recorded changes, action can be taken immediately.

Source: Schmitz Cargobull AG