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Transport Compleet Gorinchem 2018 – Kögel shows Cargo of the NOVUM generation

  • Rob Schneiders, director for Benelux, Arjan Stolk, regional sales manager for the Netherlands, and Dirk Boer, used vehicle manager for Benelux, advise on site


Kögel will be presenting its portfolio for forwarding companies and the construction industry at the Transport Compleet in Gorinchem. From 4 to 6 September 2018, visitors can take a closer look at the best-selling Kögel Cargo of the NOVUM generation at the Kögel Stand B108. The newly optimised external frame profile and the improved body not only make the Kögel Cargo even more robust, but also simplify handling in daily use. The exhibited platform semi-trailer scores well with its robustness, extensive standard equipment and diverse customised equipment. In addition to its high manufacturing quality, the Kögel Cargo has impressively low maintenance costs and enormous flexibility of use.

The highly stable frame has a sophisticated cross beam arrangement for transporting heavy loads and for use in a very wide variety of road conditions, daily loading operations, and extreme conditions. The Kögel Cargo also has a low tare weight of 5,920 kilograms in the basic version and a highly robust body. This makes it ideally suited for payload-intensive transport. The Kögel Cargo is also equipped with the directionally stable and reliable KTA trailer axles as standard. The unique “double suspension” of the KTA, made from a soft rubber bearing and a spring steel wishbone, not only enhances the driving characteristics of the trailer but also reduces tyre wear.

Safety and load-securing

On the Kögel Cargo, no belts hang down in the loading area when the roof is open; they are integrated into the roof awning. This entirely eliminates straps snagging on the load. The new external frame profile greatly increases the accessibility of the VarioFix lashing points for optimum load-securing. 13 pairs of lashing shackles with an optional 4,000 kilograms of tensile force per lashing ring are also available. It goes without saying that the Cargo has the DIN EN 12642 Code XL load-securing certificate.

Heavy-duty RoRo equipment

For unaccompanied boat and ferry transport, the exhibit has optional RoRo equipment with a diagonal reinforcement from the side member to the front corners of the frame, a ten-millimetre-thick closed slide plate, a ten-millimetre-thick wheel plate, four pairs of heavy-duty lashing rings with a test force of 12,000 kilograms as well as signage in accordance with DIN EN 29367-2. Two vertical Delta rubber profiles on the front for protection of the air and lighting console, reinforced semi-trailer supports in a ferry design with rollers and an underride guard with skids shortened to 2,340 millimetres complete the heavy-duty RoRo equipment.

Kögel Telematics

The Kögel Cargo is equipped with a Kögel trailer telematics module. The Basic telematics package collects data such as the real-time position, coupling status and the EBS data.

Wide variety of individual equipment


The Cargo on display at the Transport Compleet Gorinchem 2018 also shows a wide variety of individual features. These include, for example, a 12-millimetre-thick and 2,500-millimetre-high textured coated board on the inside of the front wall for increased front wall loading. A 720-millimetre long transition plate, made of steel chequer plate, is mounted above the rear end beam. The load-bearing capacity of the floor has been increased from a fork-lift axle load of 7.2 tonnes to eight tonnes by means of additional cross beams. Furthermore, the exhibit is equipped with reinforced steel rubber bumpers for increased collision protection. An eight-millimetre-thick lateral steel bracket across the entire width and locking cam protection mounted centrally on the end plate of the frame are fitted as forklift protection. The Kögel Cargo is fitted with the new Kögel EasyFix Stopper for quick and easy securing of the sliding roof when open. The Kögel EasyFix Stopper not only holds the sliding roof securely in position, but also allows you to close it easily after completing the loading process, without having to unlock it again. This system increases efficiency and safety during loading and unloading. Additional special equipment includes a toolbox, LED peripheral lights, LED reversing lights, tarpaulin cables with two mounts, a plank tarpaulin with vertical aluminium slats, and much more.

Cathodic dip-paint coating: lasting protection from corrosion

In the Kögel Cargo, the entire vehicle frame is given long-lasting protection from corrosion by nano ceramic and cathodic dip-paint coating, supplemented with UV painting.

Source: Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co.KG