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FOUR FRANKFURT - Feel the emotions!

Trevi Spa - The 4 Frankfurt project

Trevi Spa is involved in the special foundation works for the most important project in the building sector in Europe: the 4 Frankfurt project.

In 2015, "Groß und Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft", one of the leading German companies in the real estate sector that is specialized in the field of building development in city centers, laid the foundations for the execution of the major FOUR Frankfurt project.

F4 is an exclusive complex of 4 skyscrapers located on a multi-level and multifunctional foundation in the heart of the historic center of Frankfurt. The 228 m high office tower will be the tallest office complex in Germany while the slightly shorter 173 m high tower will be the tallest residential tower in all of Germany.

The "Groß&Partner" company has entrusted Trevi Spa with the special foundation works of this incredible project that will litterally reshape the financial district of the German economic capital.

Have a look at our video made by colours, music, people and emotions and join with us the Frankfurt job site!

Stay tuned, 'cause the "Mastering the Task" series video about this project will be soon online too!

Source: Trevi Spa