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TTI Introduces the Future of Hydraulic and Lubrication Filtration Technology

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TTI SmartFlow Media Technology

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TTI’s Patented SmartFlowTM Media Technology and Filter Element Line


TTI is excited to announce our newest innovation, TTI’s patented SmartFlowTM Media Technology and PowerGuardTM SmartFlowTM Filter Element Line. This media technology is an optimization that is available across every filter element we manufacture and allows TTI to pair any two or more filtration medias together in parallel flow. This technology allows users to customize their filtration to their specific system needs and fight against initial pressure drop, fluctuating viscosity, high viscous fluids, and wide particulate size distribution. Users are able to achieve all of this without having to upgrade their current equipment.

With our PowerGuardTM SmartFlowTM filter element line, we have created an entire element line using our patented technology to deliver up to 25% better initial pressure drop and up to 25% longer filter element life. This drop-in ready solution is patent protected and ideal for Power Generation & Transmission, Pulp & Paper Mills, Steel Manufacturing, and Cement & Aggregate Plants. TTI’s PowerGuardTM SmartFlowTM Filter Element Line provides the same form and fit as filter elements currently used, but with much better function.

We will be providing introductions to this media technology and filter element line while at the ConExpo/ConAgg - IFPE Show in Las Vegas, March 14th - 18th, 2023 in booth S82201.

Source: Todd Technologies Inc – TTI