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Turkish Technic ordered 26 Haulotte machines

Turkish Technic commissioned 26 new Haulotte equipment for its new service center in the recently inaugurated Istanbul Airport - more than 300 Haulotte units were already used there during the construction phase.

A long-term collaboration


Turkish Technic is one of the leading service providers in the aircraft maintenance and repair industry. Recently, the company received the last Star 6 PICKING unit to complete its main fleet which now consists of more than 70 Haulotte machines. Acarlar Makine, Haulotte distributor in Turkey, is supplying Turkish Technic with innovative Haulotte lifting equipment for 10 years. “The maintenance of aircrafts is highly regulated, in order to ensure safe and correct functioning during flight. For this reason, high performance machines are required to finish the work on the exact timing by providing the highest safety levels for the engineers and operators”, said Mr. Serkan Acar, General Manager of Acarlar Makine.

A wide range of machines were chosen

The new order included various products, such as scissor lifts, articulating booms and electric vertical masts. The HA26 RTJ PRO and HA41 RTJ PRO articulating booms will be used to maintain the high ceilings in the hangars. These versatile machines have been designed to meet the expectations of operators in terms of performance & ensure cost-effective investment for the end user. Both booms are equipped with the Activ’Lighting system (lighting points ideally placed around the machine to ensure the safety of the driver during loading and unloading operations) and the Activ’Shield bar to prevent crushing risks and protect the operator. Compact 12 electric scissor lifts and Star 6 PICKING vertical masts were also delivered for the aircraft maintenance.


Source: Haulotte Group