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Umdasch Group Ventures presents three novelties at this year's bauma

Umdasch Group Ventures, the innovation hub of the Umdasch Group AG (Doka Formwork Technology, Umdasch Store Makers), presents the following potentially disruptive solutions for construction processes at the bauma 2019:

  • Contakt - digital construction site intelligence for an effective and sustainable increase in the productivity of construction processes.

  • Neulandt - the mobile field factory for the production of precast concrete segments for the creation of affordable living space.

  • Contour Crafting - 3D construction printing with (in-situ) concrete.


Along with doka and Umdasch The Store Makers, Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH is the third pillar of the internationally active Umdasch Group AG. They deal exclusively with pressing issues of the future and develop potentially disruptive solutions based on the latest technologies in order to revolutionize construction processes. Founded in 2017, the Umdasch Group Ventures is presenting three new solutions at bauma 2019 after two years of intensive development and testing:

  • Contakt - Digital construction site intelligence

  • Neulandt 3P - Your portable precast plant

  • Contour Crafting - 3D construction printing

Contakt digitizes the construction site.

The BIM-compatible software with mobile application plans and organizes construction sites regarding collaboration, construction process, tasks, materials and personnel. It thus enables an increase in productivity and quality through optimized construction site management.

In addition to the software, the construction site is smart thanks to sensors and provides real-time data on construction site status and progress. Particularly innovative is the analysis of all construction site data and the application of artificial intelligence, which provides all parties involved with a sound database for calculation, preparatory work and decisions in future construction projects. bauma press release | Januar 2019 "Contakt brings transparency to construction processes for developers, owners, architects, construction companies and planners. It identifies the best practices in construction processes and reduces costs and time throughout the entire construction process," says Lucas Winter, Managing Director of Contakt GmbH. The digital construction solution "Contakt" is being marketed jointly with sister company Doka.

Neulandt 3P- Your Portable Precast Plant

The Neulandt 3P is a mobile precast factory specially designed to create social housing at low cost in large quantities. The factory is mobile and can be operated worldwide at any project location (construction site). Within four weeks, the factory is up and running. The efficient technology combines the advantages of butterfly and battery formwork and enables industrial mass production of prefabricated elements. On-site production optimizes logistics processes, saves transport routes and thus costs and time. By procuring materials locally and employing local workers, the factory makes a sustainable contribution to regional value creation. "Thanks to the high productivity, between 250,000 and 350,000 m² of high-quality finished parts can be manufactured per plant and year and thus well over 1,000 houses (45 m² each) can be produced," says Marco Romahn, Managing Director of Neulandt GmbH.

Contour Crafting - 3D construction printing

Contour Crafting is the technology leader in 3D construction printing, holds over 100 relevant technological patents, two NASA awards and is also developing for the US Department of Defense. With 3D printing, an additional technology is gradually being introduced to construction sites. In just one day, an entire shell can be printed with concrete. 3D printing will be used where fast and costeffective construction is required, e.g. in social housing but also after natural disasters. 3D construction printing is also particularly attractive for organic architectural solutions in order to create sophisticated and unusual wall geometries simply and cost-effectively. Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH holds 30% of Contour Crafting Corporation, Los Angeles, USA. At the end of this year, the young company will launch "Printing as a Service" to bring this groundbreaking technology to market. 

Source: Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH