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Unique unities - Lever hoists from KITO EUROPE are used in sheet metal processing

The production of complex systems comes along with immense tension. You have to be very concentrated when assembling large steel components analogue to the designs - and you must pay huge attention to every single detail. Each project is unique, each design is created under new challenges.


Since 30 years, company Gebr. Schmidt GmbH from Germany is specialized in the production of individual machine housings, e.g. for the beverage industry. The large metal housings are produced in their own plant, using modern, computer-based procedures. Nevertheless, other tools are needed to support the manual assembly of the machine components to ensure the high-end product quality. And, of course, to secure the work of the technicians. KITO partner ‚KLEIN Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH‘ delivered the perfect equipment: KITO LB and LX lever hoists.

 KITO LB and LX lever hoists are safe, robust and precise co-workers when producing the metal housings in the plant of Gebr. Schmidt GmbH. Every day they are used for heavy pulling, lifting and tension tasks which they are mastering since years. Both lever hoists help to carry out precise work in the smallest space while assembling large components. Due to their compact design, both are easy to handle and can be used directly. 

 The reliable KITO LB lever hoist with robust sheet steel housing fixes safe load handling. Literally! The LB lever hoist clamps and secures the single components. Doing this, the guided hook latch and the special, nickel-plated load chain can lift loads of up to 9,000kg. All this with little effort for the mechanic thanks to the fine-toothed precision gearing, freewheel function and the high-performance mechanical brake. The lashing hook, which is optional to order, provides secure anchoring to the components.

 The compact KITO LX is built similar and offers the same simple, reliable load handling through its precision gearing for loads up to 500 kg and distances (lift heights) up to 3m. The two lifting tools are the perfect helpers when adjusting metal sheets with limited space and positioning individual modules.

Source: Kito Europe GmbH