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Väderstad strengthens the Rexius family

This autumn Väderstad will reinforce its roller segment by equipping the 12.3 metre wide heavy-duty roller Rexius 1230 with a CrossBoard Heavy.

- We have seen an increasing demand from farmers wanting to perform a heavy rolling operation during the autumn and spring, says Mattias Hovnert, Sales & Marketing Director at Väderstad, and adds:

- Many farmers wishes to widen the usage of the roller to be able to perform levelling also in ploughed land. Equipped with CrossBoard Heavy, Rexius is able to crush clods level the soil.

With the SingleKnife or DoubleKnife fitted on the CrossBoard Heavy, the cultivation effect is upgraded further. The SingleKnife cuts clods in the top soil in order to reduce clod sizes. Where there is a hard crust, the DoubleKnife breaks the surface to allow the crop to emerge.

The 12.3 metre wide heavy-duty roller Rexius 1230 can be delivered with CrossBoard Heavy from October 2017.

Source: Väderstad AB