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Van der Vlist Transport Group expands in Schelluinen

The Van der Vlist Transport Group has completed its plans to develop the land which it recently acquired on the Schelluinen-West Business Park. By the end of this year several of the heavy transport company’s business units will be moving to the new location. The reason for this is that Van der Vlist is continuing to grow, leading to the acquisition of more equipment and additional staff, which requires more space than the company currently possesses.


With the purchase of the land at Schelluinen-West, the Van der Vlist Transport Group is ready for the future. “We have now purchased 20,000 m² of land, but we also intend to expand by purchasing an additional two hectares on the west side”, commented Anton Stam, Managing Director of Van der Vlist Schelluinen. The company is building temporary accommodation for the following business units: Van der Vlist Special and Heavy Transport, Van der Vlist Modular Transport and Van der Vlist Logistics. These business units are expected to move to the new site in the second half of December. The repair and maintenance of equipment will for the time being continue to take place at Groot-Ammers, but the construction of a modern workshop and offices is included in plans for future permanent construction at Schelluinen-West.

Source: Van der Vlist Transport Group