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Varisco S.p.A. has a clear mission: to produce heavy duty pumps for construction and industry.

The company was established in 1932 in Padova - Italy  and is specialised in pump manufacturing. If at beginning the production was almost a simple workshop as for many companies at that time, where workers were dedicated to produce the first line of pumps, the so called J series, with the end of the II WW Varisco could make a step forward and moved into a real industrial production.


As that was a period of intensive reconstruction of the country, with a lot of new buildings and infrastructure works and there was a strong request of self priming pumps J:  this led the company into its first significant growth.

During the “industrial boom time”  the company entered also the fast expanding  industrial market, designing and manufacturing another pump family: the internal gear pumps, the so called V series, used in process plants with viscous liquids.
In 2005 the company started its globalization process which is still ongoing, opening new subsidiaries and establishing direct sales teams in the major markets. To support that expanding international presence, other new and innovative products were introduced to the historical  product range:

  • New high efficiency DRY PRIME Z Series, which doubles the application opportunities in the dewatering market
  • New THOR Series Piston pumps, for wellpoint application with extremely low fuel consumption
  • New line of SUBMERSIBLE drainage pumps TITAN A (aluminium light weight pumps).

Definitely, all that contributes today to enjoy a stronger reputation and leadership in the International Construction and Dewatering market that remains the first and main focus.

The success obtained in those highly competitive markets is the result of teamwork, creating synergy between in-house and outsourced resources, innovation, which allows us to anticipate the requirements of a constantly evolving market, and the ability to provide services, assisting the clients in the choice and during the installation of our pumps made to solve their specific problems.

Innovation does not consist of brilliant ideas alone: laboratory and in-field tests are also required to proof it.
Varisco  has a unique Research and Development Centre, which ensures a leading position in this industry.

Varisco invested considerable resources to keep its leadership in the field of pumping technology, especially with the three-floor Research and Development Centre. The core of the R&D Centre is the laboratory for testing the pumps, which is divided into two areas: water for rotodynamic pumps and oil for positive displacement pumps.

The water area consists of a vertical system with DC current motors automated stations to test the priming up to 8 meters and the NPSH of the 1" to 12" pumps.

The oil area can house 1" to 10" pumps. The oil is contained in four tanks with a refrigeration system to maintain the viscosity constant during the test.
When the ideas of the technicians are proven to be valid, they become a wealth of knowledge and technology available for all our clients that purchase a Varisco machine.

Furthermore Varisco founded its own “Pump College” that, year after year, continues to train customers and employees with new theoretical and practical courses on pumps with special reference to Varisco S.p.A.’s products and services.


Varisco S.p.A. has a long-standing experience and expertise in designing and producing pumps for professionals in the Construction sector, thanks to the ability to provide clients with the best technical solutions within a wide range of standard and customized products according to the specific requirements. Varisco’s pumps can meet the most difficult requirements of the construction industry, as they ensure flow rates up to 20,000 l/m (1.200 m3/h), head pressures up to 110 m and a solid passage up to 3".

  • Drainage of turbid or sandy liquids or with solids in suspension of basements, channels and reservoirs
    with centrifugal, self-priming or with open impeller pumps (high performance), vacuum assisted, silenced and submersible electro-pumps;
  • Ground water dewatering with wellpoint systems or with drain pipes.
    with vacuum-assisted centrifugal pumps or piston pumps;
  • Drilling systems with bentonite pumping and abrasive drilling muds
    with centrifugal pumps made of hard cast iron.

Centrifugal pumps

Varisco has an extremely wide range of Self-priming centrifugal pumps:

  • 40 models of the J pump in cast iron, stainless steel and bronze for drainage and industry up   to 12", also with hardened versions for very abrasive liquids
  • ST-R trash pumps up to 8"

In addition, given our strength and experience in the sector, we have evolved this family of products to introduce the Z: centrifugal pumps that keep the classic open impeller (with solids handling up to 3") but feature a pumping efficiency over 70%.

These products can be combined with numerous accessories in galvanized steel, the new PE HD pipes and the new  PVC wellpoint spears.

Automatic prime pumps

Varisco has always offered a wide range of pumps for the wellpoint sector and for drainage that automatically prime and extract air from the system by coupling a self-priming centrifugal J (up to 12") with a high flow vacuum pump. The classic product is made from the SIMPLE pumps, with an oil lubricated vacuum prime pump, but over time we have evolved this product. Today, even more ecologically units are available, like the ECOMATIC, with an oil recirculation system, and the DUO, with cam vacuum pump without oil: the least amount of maintenance meets maximum performance.

Furthermore in 2014 Varisco is introducing an extremely wide range of DRY PRIME pumps : the Z series fitted with vacuum pump for drainage and industry up to 12"

Silenced pumps

Varisco has many solutions for silenced pumps, each one having a cost/performance ratio that meets the diverse needs of clients and the various types of application. The SILENT has a HATZ silent pack motor and represents the basic configuration. The new MUTELINE silenced canopies present many features and advantages and are a range of products meeting superior standards. In addition, thanks to our know-how, we have managed to evolve this family of products and have introduced the new ALBATROS super-silences canopies which have a modern design and innovative features, making this family a point of reference for the drainage sector.

Piston pumps

Varisco is introducing the new range of piston pumps THOR, available in two sizes ( 60 and 90) and many different versions, silenced or open frame, for small wellpoint applications which performs with extremely low energy consumption.

Submersible pumps

To complement the range of surface pumps, when the suction height is over 8 meters, Varisco is able to offer submersible pumps for various sector applications: the TITAN pump for drainage in aluminium up to 8" is aimed at the most demanding professionals.

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