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A meeting was held yesterday with all trade associations to define the final details of the event, as well as to make it quite clear that the sector is vital for the Italian economy and the future of the country. Giovanni Mantovani, CEO & Director General of VeronaFiere: "Major investments to revive the sector together with all its players."


Verona, 18 March 2014. No one denies the difficulties facing the earth moving and building sector in Italy and elsewhere; yet no one intends to throw in the towel. Least of all Veronafiere with Samoter. On the contrary: Veronafiere has taken up the gauntlet in terms of planning and defining further investments to ensure that one of the strategic sectors for the Italian economy and employment can resume business after an unprecedented five-year period of crisis.

This is what emerged during the meeting between top management of Veronafiere and trade associations (and a number of companies that they represent) held yesterday in Verona. It was attended by representatives of Aisem, ANFIA, Ascomac, Assodimi, Cantiermacchine, Comamoter, Imamoter, Siteb, Ucomesa, Unacea, Unrae (the full names of each association are given below, ed.), the CEO & Director General of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani, Sales Director, Diego Valsecchi, Planning and Development Control Director, Claudio Solignani, Agriexpo&Technologies Area Manager, Luciano Rizzi and all Sales, Press Service and International Service Staff.

Relationships with the Government and competent ministries; incoming international operators; the Italian market; "tailor-made" attendance for companies (from events to promotion, set-ups and conventions): these are the key points of the 29th edition of Samoter, the triennial international exhibition dedicated to earth-moving and building machinery ( which, for the first time, will be held in conjunction with Asphaltica, the international exhibition of solutions and technologies for road building, safety and infrastructures (  The central theme of Samoter is sustainability in the construction sector in its broadest meaning of economic, social and environmental responsibility. The objective of the event is to provide an occasion for knowledge, training and analysis of the topic from various perspectives: safety and attention to the building process, the relationship between environment and economy, regulations and laws on construction sites, products and tools, ethics and design.

"The country is at a turning point: it must decide whether it still wants an industrial sector or whether to allow to go completely adrift. We believe in the industry, on the strength of 50 years of history, and the producer associations are backing us up. North Africa, the Mediterranean area, Eastern and Northern Europe are areas alongside Italy where we are investing to stimulate incoming attendance. Yet significant attention is also being paid to product innovation and conferences," emphasised the CEO of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani.

Samoter will also be an opportunity for comparisons between the sector and the Government, especially with the Ministry of Economic Development, Infrastructures and Transport, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Environment to identify investment areas and development plans to re-launch the industry.

AISEM (Italian Hoisting, Lifting and Handling Systems Association)

ANFIA (National Automotive Industry Association)

ASSODIMI(Association of Industrial Machinery Distributors-Hirers)

ASCOMAC Cantiermacchine (National Machinery Trade Federation)

COMAMOTER (Earthmoving Machinery Manufacturers)

IMAMOTER (Institute for Agricultural and Earth-Moving Machinery)

SITEB (Italian Bitumen Asphalt Roads Association)

UCOMESA (Building, Road, Mining and Related Machinery Manufacturers Union)

UNACEA (National Union of Construction Equipment & Attachments Companies)

UNRAE (National Union of International Motor Vehicle Representatives)