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VMAC Releases Stacked G30 Gas Drive Air Compressor: Vertically Designed For Maximum Space-Savings

VMAC has released the Stacked G30 Air Compressor, a vertically-designed 30 CFM rotary screw air compressor, powered by a Honda GX390 gas engine.


The VMAC Stacked G30 forgoes the traditional horizontal design of a gas drive air compressor and stacks the compressor vertically instead. The result is a rotary screw gas drive air compressor that has a footprint of just 2.5 square feet on the truck, making its footprint 59% smaller than competitive models.

In addition to being compact, the VMAC Stacked G30 is especially lightweight, weighing 210 lb. When compared to competitive gas driven air compressors, it is 52% lighter, offering over 220 lb. of weight savings on the truck.

“Upfitters and customers looking to right-size and lightweight their service trucks were the inspiration of this new stacked design,” explains Gordon Duval, VP Sales & Marketing at VMAC. “The new Stacked G30 was mindfully designed to fit perfectly in modern service trucks, either in the rear compartment or in the bed of a pickup truck.”

Designed to produce 30 CFM at 100% duty cycle, the Stacked G30 air compressor does not require a large air receiver tank, providing on-demand air, so operators can get jobs done faster and without interruption.

The Stacked G30 gas drive air compressor is backed by industry-leading warranties. The rotary screw air compressor comes with VMAC’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, while the Honda GX390 gas engine is protected by Honda’s 3-year engine warranty.

“The innovative vertically-designed G30 creates maximum space-savings and helps give service bodies a clean, sleek look,” says Gordon Duval. “With the launch of VMAC’s Stacked G30, customers can now choose the most compact and lightest gas engine rotary screw air compressor on the market.”

Source: VMAC