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Volvo CE unveils ambitious new product line-up at Volvo Days 2024

Volvo CE unveils ambitious new product line-up at Volvo Days 2024
Volvo Construction Equipment Europe
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Volvo CE unveils ambitious new product line-up at Volvo Days 2024


  • Volvo CE unveils a modernized range of excavators, including the EC500, EC400, and EC230, featuring advanced technology for enhanced performance.

  • The company extends its electric machine offerings, introducing the first electric wheeled excavator, EWR150 Electric, and new electric wheel loaders, L90 Electric and L120 Electric.

  • New smart applications and digital tools are introduced to reduce complexity and increase business potential for customers.

  • Volvo Days 2024, held in Eskilstuna, Sweden, marks the first major showcase since the site became Volvo CE's corporate headquarters.

  • The event highlights Volvo CE's commitment to sustainability with machines powered by renewable HVO100 and a broad range of charging solutions.

  • Collaborations with Volvo Financial Services and Volvo Trucks are showcased to accelerate innovation and support industry transformation.

At Volvo Days 2024, Volvo CE demonstrates its ambition to lead in sustainability and productivity by presenting pioneering launches and a fresh solutions-based approach – enabling sustainable change for customers in both regulated and less regulated markets.

Volvo CE is:

  • Launching a modernized range of excavators, equipped with advanced technology for outstanding performance

  • Extending its wide range of electric machines, including its first electric wheeled excavator, displayed alongside its broadest range of charging solutions yet

  • Introducing new smart applications in a solutions-based approach for reduced complexity and increased business potential.

Taking place in Eskilstuna, Sweden, Volvo Days is the first major showcase since the company announced the site as its new corporate headquarters in August last year. Here at this flagship event, customers get the inside look at Volvo CE’s very latest launches and innovations across both electric and conventional solutions, as well as its range of digital tools – and meet the people making it happen.

Melker Jernberg, Head of Volvo CE, says: “The construction industry is changing and we at Volvo CE do not want to just take part in the change, we want to lead it. Volvo Days 2024 is a landmark event where we unveil our most ambitious and biggest product line-up of both conventional and electric products we have ever done.” 

Melker Jernberg<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Volvo CE


One of the most significant changes in this year’s Volvo Days is a shift away from silo-ed products and services towards total solutions – tailored to customer needs, no matter where they are on their decarbonization journey, so that they can take on new challenges and opportunities with the support they need. Another new focus is on construction segments, allowing customers to see how Volvo solutions can be holistically packaged to deliver the highest possible performance across their specific applications, from Building and Utilities to Quarries and Aggregates.

New generation of world-class products

In line with Volvo CE’s multi-pronged technology approach to meet varied customer needs, the company is unveiling a new generation of innovative excavators, the Volvo EC500, EC400 and EC230. The range, which also includes the EC210 and ECR145, has been equipped with intelligent technology in a new electro-hydraulic system and improved human machine interface (HMI), and designed for increased fuel efficiency, productivity, safety, and total cost of ownership.

The new generation EC400 excavator is on display at Volvo Days alongside the EC500 and EC230<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Volvo CE

Also among the displays at Volvo Days is an exclusive sneak peek at the all-new A40 coming later in the year, building on Volvo CE’s rich legacy as an industry pioneer of articulated haulers, and the launch of the R60 and R70 rigid haulers, signaling an expansion of hauling options for customers.

Just like other conventional Volvo CE machines, the new additions to the portfolio can be powered by renewable HVO100 (hydrogenated vegetable oil), which significantly reduce carbon emissions compared to traditional diesel.

Joakim Arndorw, Head of Sales Region International, said: “These new ranges, alongside our electric solutions, prove that Volvo CE is well-equipped to respond to the different needs of our customers in both regulated and less regulated markets, leveraging our strength to implement meaningful innovation across all our offerings as we move closer towards our ambition for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.”

Joakim Arndorw<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Volvo CE

Continuing to break new ground with sustainably powered solutions

On top of a modernization of its conventional offerings, Volvo CE is again delivering on its pledge to lead the industry transition towards fossil-fuel free construction with several exciting electric introductions in the mid-size segment.

Alongside already launched electric solutions such as the 23-ton EC230 Electric excavator and cable-connected EW240 Electric MH, the company presents an array of new battery electric equipment. These include the EWR150 Electric, the first of Volvo’s electric wheeled excavators, and the L90 Electric and L120 Electric wheel loaders, scheduled for stepwise introductions from late 2024 in limited volumes across selected markets.

The L90 Electric wheel loader signals an expansion of Volvo's electric mid-size loaders<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Volvo CE

They are supported by its broadest range of charging solutions yet with the launch of the PU40 mobile power unit, for compact equipment, available across select markets and a welcome addition to the already available PU500 mobile power unit. Also demonstrating Volvo CE’s dedication to securing a reliable electric ecosystem is the new My Equipment digital app, to help customers manage the charging process more efficiently.

The PU40 power unit is one of a variety of flexible charging solutions.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Volvo CE

Carl Slotte, Head of Sales Region Europe, said: “Volvo Days demonstrates how far we have come on our electromobility journey, from our first commercial launch in 2019 through to the broad line-up of electric machines and charging solutions we present today, amplified by our range of smart digital tools. The steps we are taking into the electrification of medium and heavy segment machines paves the way for more customers to decarbonize their operations and seize new business opportunities as societies worldwide transition to a low-carbon future.”

Carl Slotte<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Volvo CE

Collaborations to drive customer success

The event also highlights the strength of the Volvo Group, with a number of collaborations all of which have been designed to accelerate innovation and aid the industry transformation. For example, Volvo Financial Services is there to showcase how it is customizing financial offerings to meet the specific needs of its customers, while Volvo Trucks joins to demonstrate its impressive electric portfolio.

Volvo Days is a demonstration of Volvo CE’s leading product line-up.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Volvo CE

Source: Volvo CE