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Wacker Neuson: 15 new roller models

Wacker Neuson is expanding its product range with tandem and combination rollers


Since February of this year, Wacker Neuson has been offering 15 different roller models in the field of soil and asphalt compaction in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Wacker Neuson is positioning itself with the tandem and combination rollers in the 1.5 to 4.5-ton tonnage class as a full-service provider in the field of light compaction.

"With the introduction of the new roller models, we are expanding our product range in the field of compaction technology. Thanks to the finely tiered selection of model versions with various tonnages, our customers can choose the roller that is best suited for their application," says Dieter Freisler, Regional President of Wacker Neuson Europe. "In addition, our customers benefit from the time-tested and proven Wacker Neuson service: our service network is built for speed, quality and absolute reliability." For example, spare parts are available for all Wacker Neuson products within 24 hours. Professionally equipped workshops and trained staff are available at all locations for sales and advice as well as for maintenance, repair and service. If necessary, mobile service technicians also provide support directly on the construction site so that work can proceed quickly.

The product range includes ten tandem rollers in various designs and five combination rollers for application in uneven ground conditions and on gradients. The tandem rollers can be equipped with vibration drums or oscillation drums. The vibration drum oscillates the material to be compacted with quick successive vertical forces. The built-in eccentric weight provides for a fast rotation and a high compaction performance. This system is ideal for traditional compaction work. Rollers with an oscillation drum compact extremely efficiently, since the drums maintain permanent contact with the ground. With its two synchronously rotating eccentric weights, the drum directs its entire compaction force in a targeted manner down into the ground due to the forward and backward movements – which is an advantage in vibration-sensitive areas, such as on bridges. In the compaction of asphalt, a larger temperature window can also be taken advantage of, since the material can also be compacted at lower temperatures.

In the 1.5 to 2.5 ton class, Wacker Neuson offers maneuverable and compact models for compaction in confined areas, such as in inner city road construction: the rollers RD 18, RD 24 and RD 27. The smallest model RD 18 is available as a tandem roller with 80 or 100 centimeters of drum width. It is particularly maneuverable due to the drum offset. The roller RD 24 with a drum width of 100 centimeters and the roller RD 27 with 120 centimeters of width are both offered as combination rollers as well as with oscillation drums. All models offer a high compaction quality due to the combination of large drum diameter and a low machine center of gravity.

In the 4-ton class, customers can choose from the models RD 40 and RD 45 with a drum width of 130 or 138 centimeters, which are available as traditional tandem rollers, tandem rollers with an oscillation drum or combination rollers. The rollers have one of the highest centrifugal forces on the market and can therefore meet even the most demanding compaction tasks. Additional advantages of these models are the vibration or oscillation that is adjustable in two levels as well as a fold-down ROPS frame as standard equipment. One practical feature is also the central drainage: The water can be completely drained with one single hand movement, which saves time in applications. The large tanks for fuel and water ensure long application times without interruption. The operator also benefits from an ergonomic seat with plenty of legroom and a good view of the working area.

A uniform compaction and optimal driving stability are ensured through the three-point articulated pendulum joint, which all rollers have and which ensures a uniform weight distribution on the front and rear drum. This also improves maneuverability as well as the tipping resistance and stability when turning a curve.

"The feedback that we have received so far from customers and potential customers is very positive," adds Dieter Freisler. "Wacker Neuson has many years of experience and expertise in the field of compaction. The expansion of the product range makes us an even more interesting partner for our customers. "